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Room Kit Mini - ideal for small rooms/huddle spaces


Dear all,


this week we announced brand new addition in Room kit portfolio :


The Room Kit Mini is ideal for small rooms/huddle spaces (approx 3 meters) for two to five people. It is built on the Room kit family platform offering unique quality, intelligence and usability. 



- combines codec, camera, microphones, and speakers into a single device

- 4K HDMI output to connect to external display, CEC 2.0 support off course

- 4K Ultra HD digital camera 

- wide120-degree field of view (fov), allows everyone in a huddle space to be seen

- Best overview feature : Automatically detects meeting participants and provides ideal framing

- 4K content sharing (wired or wirless) 

- beam forming microphones / reduce background noise 

- 85db SPL speakers 

- comes with touch 10 for ease-of-use. Yould could add Join button(OBTP)/Calendar integration, in-room controls, etc.

- flexibility to register on-premises(CUCM/BE6K/Exp-C) or Webex cloud or work H323 standalone

- H.264 AVC and other  latest video standards

- Embedded encryption and security features


plus USB for laptop connectivity: 

Connect your laptop via USB and use Room Kit Mini with Skype or Facebook or any laptop-based video software. Room kit Mini becomes your laptop's USB camera/speakers/microphone to give you the best camera and audio experience. 


More information:

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini Data Sheet 

For partners :  Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini TDM Presentation

For partners:  Cisco Huddle spaces solutions (mentions also Webex Share and Webex Board) - more info on huddle spaces


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides. 


Please elaborate more on the catch-ups in requirements for deploying the Room Kit Mini , that people should be aware of, in comparison to other Room Kits.


Cisco Employee



In regards to registration: 

Room kit Mini, like other Room kits, can register on Webex cloud or on-premises callcontrol like BE6k/CUCM/Expressway-C/VCS-Control. 

It supports SIP and H323 - stated also in datasheet.


Comparing with other Room kits:

Room kit mini is for small rooms or open spaces to cover areas of 3-4 meters approximately. It is not for medium/large rooms where other Room kits would play. This is the reason it has a embedded microphone option ONLY and the embedded microphones have approx 3-4 meter coverage.

Since it is designed for open spaces, on top of above, embedded microphones are designed to filter noise from rest of the room (further to 3-4 meters).

It has one HDMI output to connect to one HDMI screen -similar to Sx10.

It has touchpanel like rest of Room kits for control. 

It has extra USB port that is mentioned in the post (not find it in other Room kits).

It supports Best overview feature (a kind of more ''basic'' speakertrack). 


hope this helps





Anthony T

How is orderability proceeding in the North America region?  In CCW it still shows as being in pre-launch hold, and the multisite option (L-KITMINI-MS, sub-SKU of L-ROOM-PAK) is not available yet. Is there a date when this will go live yet?

Cisco Employee

Hi Anthony, 


pre-launch hold is a common mechanism for many new products- this would not worry me.

So Room kit mini seems fine to order it. 

Now, on multisite option unfortunately I don't have this info. Your local collab leader could check with Product team if this is urgent.  Sometimes these addons take some more time on CCW to be added.


hope this helps  - sorry did not have full answer 



When will the device pack be released so it can register with call manager?

Cisco Employee

I think it is planned for end of January but for official answer, please work with your Cisco AM or Collab lead

Tianjun Zhou
Hi, Can Kit Mini`s Touch(RJ-45) port provide PoE ?

Will the Mini support IN room controls/ use of external video switch? 

Cisco Employee

Hi Tianjun, 

is you see Room kit's Mini installation guide, you will see touch panel connects directly the Kit Mini. Is this what you are asking about?Capture.PNG


Cisco Employee

hi Garry, 


if not mistaken, in-room controls could work with Room kit Mini and Touch panel.

For sure, Mini supports serial to USB for control systems. Same as the Room Kit and RK Plus.


not sure about the external video switch scenario you mention

please work with your local Cisco Collab lead to verify 




Tianjun Zhou

Hi azoupas,

That`s what I want to ask about. Now it seems only Room Kit need PoE injector for Touch 10 in Webex Room Series, do you know whether Room Kit will provide PoE in the futhure?


best regards

Anthony T

Yes, it's a rather glaring oversight that the Room Kit is the only product in the RK range that does not provide PoE. It was also the first one released, which I'm sure has something to do with it, but still.


Hi, i cant use the video conferencing part of the mini when the USB is connected to a pc.

Do i need to unplug the usb cable evry time?


Hi Alkiviadis,


I have a client with a room kit mini using Macmini to connect the camera, but is not working. The macmini has'nt detect the room kit camera. Is there any tips?


Thanks and best regards

Cisco Employee



does same Room kit mini works for you with other Operating systems/devices ? 

What video client are you using in the end in macmini ? 

I know that tests have been made with Windows and MAC OSX but have not seen anything specific on macmini.

for further help, you would need to contact your cisco partner or cisco TAC






this is just for reference although does not mention anything on OS

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