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Routing a Hunt List to Voice Mail


Is it possible to route a hunt list directly to voice mail?  Currently we have a hunt pilot that routes to a hunt list that uses a line group with 6 people in it.  We temporarily want to route it to a voice mail box so we can play a greeting for callers with some basic FAQ information that about 30% of the callers are asking in order to reduce calls to the staff answering the line.  IWe already have it set so unanswered calls route to voice mail but found a checkbox with "For Voice Mail Usage" on the hunt list configuration that we thought might route calls directly to voice mail.  


Does anyone have information on what the "For Voice Mail Usage" option does?  The information/help page doesn't have an explanation that we completely understand.




That check box doesn't do what you're wanting it to do, unfortunately. It looks like it limits the amount of hunts to one step per device in the hunt list, rather than using busy trigger of the line on the devices in the hunt list. I honestly can't see a reason to use this other than to get more consistent results in hunting. Someone else might have better input. We've never used the option in my env.


To do what you're looking for, I would suggest using Unity Connection or Contact Center to do this if you have those.


Thanks.  We are planning to use Unity as we don't have Contact Center available to us.  Was hoping there might be an easier way to manage it.



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