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Schedule Synchronization for the device from the GUI of Prime Collaboration Provisioning



This document describes the procedure to set schedule Synchronization from the   Prime Collaboration Provisioning (PCP) web administration page.

Components Used

The information in this document is based on Cisco PCP Version 11.1.0.

Supported Browsers

The supported browsers are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 31 ESR and later
  • Windows Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Google Chrome 43 and late


  • Log in to the PCP administration page with the Global Admin credentials.
  • Choose Administration > Schedule Synchronization (or) Device Setup > Device Details > Schedule Synchronization


  • Click Add and enter Job Name, Synchronization every (it can be one time/hours/days/weeks) and Start Date
  • Choose the Synchronization Type


Mass Synchronization: It invokes the synchronization operations for all objects of the specified class.  Both infrastructure and subscriber synchronizations run for each processor.


We can do Mass sync for 'All Call Processors, All Message Processors, All Presence Processors, All LDAPs, All Domains and All'. Choose the class based on the requirement.


Custom Granular Synchronization: It enables you to control the synchronization operations by specifying the target processors, domains, synchronization types (infrastructure/subscriber), and order of synchronization operations to be executed.


Usage format : <class>.<name>: <sync type>

Valid values are:

  • class : cp / mp / pp / ad / domain
  • name : all or specific device / domain name
  • sync type : infra / sub / both


  • cp.all:infra
    Will execute infrastructure synchronization on all the Unified Communications Manager / Communications Manager Express devices
  • mp.CorpUCxN-CiscoUnityConnection:both
    Will execute both infrastructure and subscriber synchronizations on the Message processor device specified (CorpUCxN-CiscoUnityConnection)
  • domain.APAC:
    Will execute domain synchronization for the domain specified(APAC)
  • ad.all:
    Will execute mass Active Directory synchronization
  •  Click ‘Save and Run now' or 'Save and close' 




  • To manually Run the sync, choose Run Now and click YES.



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