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Setting Threshold Indicators for Current Longest Call Waiting in the Queue in Finesse


1) Create a copy (Save As) of Live Data Report such as Voice CSQ Summary report. You will need to login into CUIC using the Application user for this purpose

2) Go to Edit Default filter of the report that you created in Step 1 and set the filters as per your requirement

3) Go to Edit Views >> Choose Since Midnight view and then Edit. Add the required field Longest Call in Queue (VoicelAQStats.longestCurrentlyWaitingDuration) in this case to the Current field order in the grid section. You can add or remove fields as per your requirement for other use case scenarios

4) Right click on Longest Call in Queue (VoicelAQStats.longestCurrentlyWaitingDuration) >> Thresholds -> Add
Set Type to “Greater Than or Equal To” and enter the time you want the threshold to match such as 10 seconds, 15 seconds whatever as per your requirements. Choose Text Color, Background Color etc again as per your requirements. Refer to below document for more information on this:

5) Refer to Live Data Gadgets section of below document and look for Voice CSQ Summary: Report Since Midnight gadget

6) Go to Edit Views again >> Choose Since Midnight view >> Links. Copy the viewid i.e, the value after viewid= and replace it with the viewid of the Voice CSQ Summary: Report Since Midnight gadget that you got in step 5

7) Login into Finesse Administrator and replace the Voice CSQ Summary:Snapshot gadget with the final gadget from step 6 under the Supervisor role >> queueData tab in Desktop layout. In case, you do not want it to be global, then do it at per Team level instead of Desktop layout. Refer to Add Web Chat and Email to a Team Layout section of the document I shared in step 5 on more information how to do this.





Nice info thanks but if I want to do Agent CSQ Statistics report in the same way then I cant get into  Edit Views to get the Parmalink ??

Has anyone tired that ??

Please let me know 



Cisco Employee

DJ, you can very well do this for any report available within CUIC




By reading this thread I gather it's possible to embed any Live Data report from CUIC into Finesse. Are there real docs on this, or is it just mangle URL's as needed and cut-and-paste into the Finesse desktop layout?

This is a great step-by-step guide. But when I go to paste the viewID, I can't edit the "html link" field. It doesn't allow typing or deleting. Do you know why this is? Thanks, Brad