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Setting up a Stand Alone CUIC with UCCX (version 11.6)


While working with setting up a stand alone CUIC, I was disappointed at the lack of documentation around how to do this.  What documentation exists is scattered all over the place.  In an attempt to bring this together, I created the document below starting with another document created by someone else on just setting up the data sources.  


You will need to download the CUIC software from CCO, along with the OVA template.  As of the date of this document, there is a CUIC Premium license also present on CCO to install on a stand alone CUIC for use with UCCX.  You will need to download and install that too.  


Hopefully, this document will fill the gap on how to get this done.  


Cliff McGlamry

CCIE Collaboration #24757




Hi Cliff,

This is, indeed, very useful guide. It cost me a lot of effort to get puzzle done.

Does anybody have some examples of SQL queries to make custom reports? Based on information we have on public internet, this is secret art possessed by initiated ninjas only. :)

Rising star

The SQL queries for the existing reports are largely based on stored procedures.  You can use Squirrel SQL or DBeaver to be able to open the stored procedures and see what they are doing (they are often incredibly complex).  Can't create your own stored procedures as the DB access is read only.  


The data dictionary (lists all the tables and the relationships between them) is available on CCO in the UCCX documentation. 

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You can see the SQL for existing reports by hitting the SQL button at the upper right hand corner of the report when you run it on the screen in CUIC.


Very helpful documents, Thanks


Thank you for the documentation, we where unsure of installing the CUIC Premium License available to download vs. getting a license from the PAK.




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@Ryno Venter , the premium license for CUIC is available for download on CCO.  

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