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SIP session behavior for forwarded calls

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We are using a CUBE/CUCM setup with one SIP trunk with a limit of 20 call paths.  I have a question on how many call paths are used when an inbound call to our CUCM is forwarded out to the PSTN.  I was under the assumption that in this scenario the original call from our SIP provider to the CUBE would stay up as long as the forwarded call was in session.  Meaning that in this scenario we would be using two call paths on our SIP trunk.  I tried to verify with the provider but they told me it would not necessarily be this way.  I was told that depending on how we do the forwarding we may be able to redirect the call to the PSTN number and not use any call path at all after the forwarded call is answered by the remote party.


What is the best way to test this scenario and what would I need to do to ensure I use my call paths in the most efficient way possible?  Soon we will be using a lot more forwarding of inbound calls and I may need to increase my call path amount depending on how this plays out.




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