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Walkthrough Wednesdays

SNMP Support For CVP

  • Currently (CVP version 7.0(1)) it is not allowed to configure the SNMP community strings for CVP OAMP Server and CVP Media Server. You can configure the SNMP community string for the Call Server and VXML Server though. In order to do that you may want to add the VXML Server to OAMP and it will show up in the list of devices you may assign to the string.

  • The preferred or recommended way to add SNMP strings to the CVP Server is via OAMP. OAMP provides a configuration interface to configure V1/V2 and V3 Community strings and System Groups.

  • The Cisco SNMP agent should be running on the CVP Server. Running the Microsoft SNMP agent is not supported. Also no configuration or polling takes place from OAMP server to CVP Call Servers. However one can set the SNMP configuration through OAMP.

  • OAMP doesn't stop / start SNMP service. OAMP only pushes the SNMP configuration to the CVP device.

  • Q1. What's the exact function and role of CVP SNMP Management service? is it mandatory for any other CVP component to be running, I mean does any other CVP component rely on this SNMP Management service to function normall? or this SNMP Management service is purely for monitoring purpose? could it be disabled without disturbing CVP normal operation?

    A: The management service's primary function is to monitor the SNMP agent infrastructure and restart any agent that may terminate unexpectedly.

  • Q2. With proper configuration(Chapter 12 in CVP Configuration and Administration Guide) in CVP Ops Console, could the CVP SNMP Manangement service fulfill all features(traps, statistics on different MIB) provided by Windows build-in SNMP service? In other word, could the CVP SNMP Management serivce completely replace Windows build-in SNMP service, or vice versa?

    A: Yes. The native subagent adapter provides an interface to existing Windows SNMP extension agents. There should be no loss in functionality.

  • Q3. Why was Windows build-in SNMP service disabled after CVP SNMP Management service started up?

    A: The Cisco agent infrastructure is superior to the native Windows implementation; ours supports SNMP v3 with strong authentication and encryption protocols. To ensure that our agent does not conflict with the Windows agent, our management service disables the Windows service.