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Speech Connect: How to use SFTP and SSH to Performing a Bulk Upload of Spoken Name Files


Currently the direction just tell you to upload the Names file to SpeechConnect server
but the directions do not go into how to accomplish this currently. So I am posting these directions
to suppliment that.

I suggest you can use CoreFtp Server if you do not already have a SFTP Server that you use.

You can follow these directions in previous forum doc to setup the SFTP software:

If you do not already have a SSH client you can use google to search and find putty.exe

1. Open SSH session to the Speech Connect and login with 'scadmin'. You can do this by using the SSH client such as Putty.

2. The follow the direction found in Step 1 of  guide which currently say:

   cd /tmp
   mkdir name_files
   cd name_files

3. Now connect to SFTP server by entering the following command: sftp 'username'@'host' <enter>  example: sftp scadmin@

4. Enter password when prompted

5. Make sure the recorded names are located in the SFTP home directory

6. From prompt enter: get *.*. (Note: If files other than just the recorded names are located in the SFTP directory you may need to be more
   specific than the wild card that I have given. What I have provided will copy all files in the SFTP home directory)

7. Files will be downloaded

8. Type exit to exit sftp connection

9. Now you can continue with the following step in the guide:

Note: You are asked to log into server as root. If you are currently logged into Speech Connect SSH session as SCAdmin you can enter 'su <enter>' and you will be asked for root password at which point you become root user.

Step 3 Log in to the server as root, and enter the following:

     cd /tmp/name_files
     chown seaa *
     chgrp seaa *
     cp /tmp/name_files/* /opt/cisco/speechconnect/ssp/prompts/seaa/1/spoken_name

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