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T3 TelePresence Troubleshooting -- Document Camera


This document provides instructions for setting up the T3 document camera as Ethernet in the Installation Wizard, on TCU 4.2 via a single USB to Ethernet Adapter on the TCU side and an ethernet only connection on the document camera side. This method creates a second ethernet adapter on the TCU to use to commumicate to the document camera. Only WolfVision Document Camera version VZ-C12^2(serial number 1009412 and upwards) support this method.

The alternate connection USB in the Installation Wizard uses 2 USB to ethernet adapaters, 1 on the TCU side, and the other on the document camera side. This method is essentially a USB connection between the TCU and document camera with ethernet being used between the 2 adapters to extend the USB signal range. This configuration is not mentioned in this document.

Tracy Drakeford
Community Member

This document was very helpful when troubleshooting an issue for a high profile case.

The issue was the TCU wizard was not reading the document camera. The status of the camera showed red in the device overview of the TCU.  The document clearly stated the issue was the serial number was missing or invalid in the wizard.

Nice job!

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