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Taking SIP Call Trace on Cisco Unified CM using RTMT



SIP Call Trace is a feature in RTMT which let users trace calls and generate SIP message ladder or sequence diagram.Traces provide detailed information about the call and generate SIP messages when enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager and that can be useful for troubleshooting call failures on the system.

This document covers the procedure on how to take a SIP call trace on Cisco Unified Communications Manager using Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)

RTMT is a tool that lets you monitor system health, view graphs and collect logs from Unified CM. There are versions for both Linux and Windows. Unified CM must also be configured to specify what can be traced.

  • Trace logs called calllogs, is enabled for sip call tracing. RTMT uses these logs to search for calls using the user entered search criteria and generate the ladder diagram.
  • Log files are downloaded from the server based on time stamps specified in the search criteria. 
  • This tool also allows users to save the ladder diagram in html files on their machine which can be easily emailed for trouble shooting purposes.

How to Enable SIP Call Tracing on CUCM

1. Added Enterprise Parameter to enable/disable Call Tracing globally on Cisco Unified CM

2. Search Calls on RTMT for SIP Calls based on a critera

Session Trace - User can search/trace for calls based on Calling Number, Called Number, Start Time, Duration..

3. Analyze call with the Ladder Diagram

Option to show the "Call flow Diagram" and "SIP message" - Select the corresponding Tab to analyze the call

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Bekzod Fakhriddinov

Hi Muthurani. Do u know how to fix this : I am having problem to open sip messages on that ladder diagram to see message details, when i click on any message on diagram "no sip message to display", when i tried to save and then open sdl folder -its empty. 

CUCM and rtmt version  is 10.5 . I am running rtmt as administator on windows 7 . 

Thank you 


Hi Bekzod,

did you find a fix to your problem?

I’m having same issues.



Muthurani ,  we are running CUCM 11.5   we can not see the same options as you are showing on RTMT
 , No callmanager  option and no SIP tra.
ce option are shown. The option available are  Voice/Video .
RTMT1.JPGRTMT2.JPG I need to get the ladder diagram for  sip calls. What could it be the reason?
filiberto.aguirre: I have the same issue. Select your Voice/Video header, scroll down to Real Time Data. Enter your calling Number/URI and Called Number/URI and ensure the checkbox at the bottom " Include SIP Message" is selected, then click Run. You will be presented with the results. Double click any of the results, and the Call Flow Diagram ( ladder) will open.
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