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TAPS Error Messages





This document describes the error messages in TAPS.When you install TAPS, you must install the application on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager CRS server console. If you attempt to use Windows Terminal Services to install TAPS, you receive a message that indicates that TAPS installation is not supported over Terminal Services.


As a general rule, Cisco recommends that you stop TAPS service when TAPS is not in use. You can prevent undesired TAPS usage by stopping the service, and you can save some CPU time.



Issue :- When dialing the TAPS route point number, the caller receives a busy tone.


The busy tone indicates that the maximum number of simultaneous sessions for TAPS has been reached. The maximum number of sessions for TAPS equals the number of ports that are assigned to the TAPS application in CRS configuration.


In order to resolve it you must increase the number of ports that are assigned to TAPS in CRS configuration to prevent this situation.



Issue:-  When the Cisco CRS server starts, the JTAPI subsystem shows partial service or out of service


Message occurs because of configuration problems in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager or the Cisco CRS server.


Perform one or all of the following steps until the problem has been corrected:




  •    Verify that Cisco Unified Communications Manager is started.



  • Make sure that JTAPI is installed on the Cisco CRS server.



  • Make sure that the JTAPI version on the CRS server is the same as the JTAPI version that is installed on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. If the version is not the same, install the JTAPI client from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager plug-ins window on the CRS server.



  • Verify that the CRS engine configuration has a valid application engine host name. You can use the IP address to eliminate name resolution      issues.



  • Make sure that the Route Points and CTI ports are properly configured on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.



  • Verify that the Allow control of device from CTI check box is checked for the JTAPI user; you can verify that this in the user window in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration.



  • Verify that the CTI Manager service is started.



  • Verify that the ports and the route point are associated to the user in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager user configuration.




For further troubleshooting, collect and review MIVR log files for Cisco CRS server. You can find these files on the CRS server in the following folder: C:\program files\wfavvid\log\.



APS generates a row of information for each.To view TAPS log file, choose Bulk Administration > TAPS > View TAPS Log File.


Issue:- While trying to install TAPS [.exe] file on UCCX server downloaded from CUCM, getting the following popup box error:


"Error opening installation log file.Verify that the specific log file location exist and is writable"



The reason of  getting these errors is because of not using Cisco OS platform.


To resolve the issue create the following directory:-  C:\Program Files\Common Files\coomon files\cisco\logs




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