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Tech Note: Calling Party Transformation - Inbound Calls




Problem Description


We have a hybrid telephony environment with both Siemens based TDM and Cisco based IP telephony. The inter-connection is achieved through MGCP QSIG gateways. Our Primary DDI circuits are mostly terminated on the Siemens side and all incoming calls to Cisco extensions are routed through QSIG gateways. Would like to prepend '9' for all external incoming calls from PSTN and not internal incoming calls from Siemens PBX side extensions.


What I think is to create a Calling Pary Transformation Pattern with PSTN number for example 0[1278]XXXXXXXXXX and place that in a New Partition(PA-ANI-XFORM) Created for this ANI Transformation. Then create a CSS(CS-ANI-XFORM) with just the partition PA-ANI-XFORM. Then ideally assign the Calling Party Transformation CSS (CS-ANI-XFORM) to the Device Pool to which the MGCP gateway belongs to.


The Call Manager Version is 8.6 and need solution to achieve the above mentioned. The primary objective is to prepend '9' in the received & missed  calls directory so that the users can redial both on the hard phones and  also on the soft clients.




Requirement is to add Prefix to the Recevied & Missed calls directory. Here is the documentation on how to achieve this,



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