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TECH TIP: 7911 / 7912 Monitor softkey is lost after CUCM upgrade



I encounter this issue with one of my cases, during my research on internal tools and Google, I found A LOT of these but must of them only said that since the 7912 phone is EoL there was nothing to do, and very few of them tried to workaround it by getting rid of other softkeys on the softkey template, (someone said that they made it work by disabling all softkeys), but that didn't seem to work on those cases and it did not work for my customer or on my lab, so here is how to REALLY fix that.

When Customer upgrades from CUCM 7x or lower to CUCM 9.x, 10.x or 11.x the "Monitor on" / "Monitor off" softkey no longer displays.

*** This softkey is used to enable or disable the speaker on the 7911/7912 as these phones do not have a hardkey for the speaker, and it only appears on the 7911 and 7912.

*** You cannot configure this softkey on the softkey template it is part of the FW of these phones.

How to fix:
Use the "Cisco Feature with Feature Hardkeys" softkey template.

Monitor on/off is displayed when call is active / connected when using the handset, if the call was initiated by the "New Call" softkey the Monitor  softkey is NOT displayed, as this is already using the speaker, BUT, it will display if the user picks up the handset.

*** Lab recreate shows that this works 100% of the time on CUCM 11 when using "Cisco Feature with Feature Hardkeys" softkey template.

If your customer is using 7912 phones they CANNOT upgrade to CUCM 11.5 without replacing those phones first, as CUCM 11.5 does not  support these phones anymore, those are not on the DB, and you should receive a warning when upgrading to 11.5.x if you have those phones.
If you miss that and still upgrade, the phones will not register and you will be unable to add that phone model.

Christian. (cnuche)


Cisco Employee

Thanks Christian..very helpful information.