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Thank YOU for visiting and participating in the TelePresence CSC Forum!

Paula Talamo
Cisco Employee

The Cisco Support Community is open to Cisco partners and customers to seek and share information about supporting Cisco products. 

  • Participating in the forum by posting and answering questions is open to all Cisco partners and customers.  A volunteer army of Cisco engineers also helps answer questions.  Please keep this in mind - if you have an urgent question, you should proceed to open a Service Request with TAC:

  • Customers/Partners with contracts associated with their IDs, will have an option on the Action menu to Open a Service Request directly from your thread.  This will auto-populate all posted information into the Service Request to be shared with the TAC engineer.
  • You are now able to mark your question as answered.   This allows others to quickly see what Q&A’s are complete and the platform software will automatically pair the question and answer for faster look-up.
  • Please rate content.  This helps all of us see how helpful the  information is and acknowledges those members that contribute  significantly.
  • Refrain from posting private information (e.g private IP addresses, passwords, logs with private information).

To learn more about using the Cisco Support Community, click here:

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