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The 5 Tenets of Cisco Collaboration Initiatives


Day one of the Cisco Collaboration Consultant and Analyst Summit 2009 was arrival day, and was anchored by the kickoff keynote.

We learned from John Chambers how Cisco's own use of collaboration tools has allowed the company to transform its processes to speed innovation.

The company has leveraged collaboration tools to identify and launch 30 projects that it will simultaneously pursue as emerging growth areas. Mr Chambers noted that just a couple of years ago the company was capable of simultaneously pursuing only two such opportunities with the same headcount and resources it is using today.

John Bates, SVP and GM of Enterprise Commercial and Small Business, outlined the 5 tenets by which Cisco has conjured up and pursued development of the more that 60 new and enhanced products announced this week.

In summary these 5 tenets are:

1) The New Collaboration Experience

2) Collaborate with Confidence Across Companies

3) Accelerate Team Performance

4) maximize Value of Investments

These new and upgraded tools aim to help drive collaboration and foster closer working relationships amongst people that are increasingly working across disparate time zones and locations. Examples of  new and enhanced products aimed at facilitating this include the new Cisco Unified 8900 & 9900 IP phone series (made with eco friendly materials and techniques, and delivering HD video and XML apps support, USB port, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity) and Cisco TelePresence WebEx Engage (delivering unified scheduling and calendars, and other features to offer tighter integration between the two apps while improving ease of use). Cisco Unified Presence 8.0, Cisco Unified Personal Comunicator 8.0 and WebEx Connect 6.0 -all with XMPP support for IM/presence federation to improve reachability ad availability across groups on different systems. TelePresence Intercompany Directory, Any to Any TelePresence HD interoperability, WebEx Mail, Secure Intercompany Media Engine - all further strive to bring more cohesiveness to working with colleagues at other companies.

Though not a comprehensive list, many of these new and enhanced products are the same ones that Cisco used to drive its own business transformation and innovations. The on-stage demonstrations were slick and impressive.

Overall Day 1 was a good show, and Cisco proved its merits for development and use of the solutions that it introduced.  

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As advanced collaboration applications evolve, it will be interesting to see which ones are adopted first by mainstream users. Ease-of-use is clearly a factor in moving beyond the early-adopter segment of the market.

Moreover, "managed collaboration services" will likely appeal to organizations that prefer to initially defer the capital investment decision -- at least, until they have enough productivity data to perform a full assessment.

David Deans

Business Technology Roundtable

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