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The Importance of Evolving Customer Service


Like many people, I’ve raised my expectations of the products I use and the companies with which I do business, both personally and professionally. As my choices of vendors have expanded, so have the criteria by which I measure them.

Increasingly, customer service is taking a greater role. I want to work with companies that want to work with me.

Collaboration technology gives you more avenues to interact with and serve your customers. Make it easy to be a customer. The efforts are worth it. In a new white paper, titled “Turning Customer Service into Customer Collaboration,” ZK Research says “the time is now for companies to use collaboration tools to evolve customer service.”

The white paper provides practical examples and key insights into how four organizations implemented collaboration technologies and used them to transform the way they interact with their customers. There’s plenty of upside, as the U.K.’s National Health Service, global manufacturer Hilti, AAA of Western and Central New York, and a major transportation company can attest.

If you make it difficult for me to be your customer – more specifically, your happy customer -- you’ll lose me. And don’t forget, it’s less expensive to keep a customer than find a new one.

It’s simple: Just make it easy for me to work with you. Give me contact options, make your website informational and functional. Whether I call, show up in your store, send an e-mail, or chat online, make sure your contact center agents have access to the information and tools they need to answer my question, process my order, address my complaint.

Respond, solve my problem, and you stand a much better chance of retaining my loyalty. Ignore it and you’ll just lose my business. Worse yet, maybe I’ll share my frustration with the world. Just check out #customerservicefail or #badcustomerservice on Twitter. Customers are talking, smart companies are watching and responding.

Check out the white paper for examples and best practices of companies using collaboration technology to evolve customer service. Whether it’s making it easier for customers to connect or providing them with more options than their competitors do, they’re reaping the benefits.

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