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The IP phone displays the "Error verifying config info" error message in a Cisco CallManager cluster environment, and the phone never registers with the secondary Cisco CallManager


Core Issue

The problem can be observed if the .cnf or .xml configuration file of the IP phone is corrupt or missing from the Program Files\cisco\tftpPath directory. This error can also be observed if the Cisco CallManager Domain Name System (DNS) name is used instead of the IP address in the System > Server configuration.


To address this issue, verify the contents of XMLDefault.cnf file to determine that the phone's configuration file is appropriate.

Also, perform these steps:

  1. In the Cisco CallManager, Go to Service > Service Parameters . Select CCM IP address and Cisco TFTP service.
  2. Click on Advanced and set File Delete to True. Make sure that File Location is actually the TFTP path, and click on Update. Restart the TFTP service.
  3. Delete and re-add an IP phone that is having the problem. Stop and restart the TFTP service again.

Sometimes changing the Cisco CallManager Domain Name System (DNS) name (host name) to the IP address    under System > Server configuration helps. Also, go to the URL directories (Select  System > Enterprise parameters > Phone    URL Parameters section > URL directories), and    change the portion of the URL that has the Cisco CallManager host name to its IP    address.

IP Phone Models

7900 Series IP Phone


I have that Issue where the phone show 

Error verifying config info


I have CUCMBE,  CUCM show that for this phone :

IP Address192.168.18.100
Active Load IDsip8961.9-2-1
Inactive Load IDsip8961.9-1-1SR1
Download StatusUnknown

I allready recreate the phone, restart tftp service.

I have try the factory reset ( hold #  + "012345678900#" )

I have try the reset all feature in the admin menu of the phone,

And still stock with that...

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