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The publisher server is not visible on the Cisco CallManager Serviceability Control Center page, and the "Connection to server could not be established" error message appears


Core Issue

This issue occurs due to Structured Query Language (SQL) database replication issues between the Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster. The replication of the SQL database is a core function of the Cisco CallManager clusters. The server with the master copy of the Cisco CallManager database is called the publisher, while the servers that replicate the database are called subscribers. The subscriber server consistently polls the publisher server for any new changes to the publisher database. If any new changes are made, the subscriber performs a pull subscription in order to receive the most recent changes to the database.


In order to resolve this issue and correct the database replication, complete these steps:

  1. If issues occur with Cisco CallManager failover or if SQL replication errors appear in the application event log, check for the DBLHelper.exe file first. This file is located in the c:\program files\cisco\bin directory. Make sure the latest DBLHelper file is in this location. If the file is not currently on the system, open a case with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool and detail a broken SQL subscription.

    Note: The DBLHelper Tool is only run on the publisher. Refer to Using DBLHelper to Reestablish a Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription for more information and steps on how to run DBLHelper.

  2. If any red smiley faces appear in the DBLHelper Tool, it indicates a broken replication. Complete the steps mentioned in Reestablishing a Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription with Cisco CallManager 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 or Reestablishing a Broken Cisco CallManager Cluster SQL Subscription with Cisco CallManager 3.3 in order to reestablish the relationship between the two systems. First, recreate the subscription for the subscriber on the publisher system. Then, delete and recreate the subscription on the subscriber system.

Refer to the Replication Fails Between the Publisher and the Subscriber section of Cisco CallManager System Issues for other system issues that contribute to broken subscriptions.

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