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The Unity Assistant or Unity Inbox Media Master control bar play and record buttons are greyed out


Core Issue

This error can occur due to these reasons:

  • The Media Master control bar may not be able to locate the Cisco Unity server because the CommServer\Cscoserv\Ciscopca\WEB-INF\Web.xml unityurl setting contains either the IP address or the localhost host name, rather than a network IP address or a valid Domain Name System (DNS) name.

    Note: Occasionally, the unityurl setting does contain a valid DNS name, but the symptom is still exhibited. However, in all cases, when pinging the IP address for the Cisco Unity server from the subscriber workstation fails, the buttons appear greyed out on the Media Master control bar.

  • The AvMMProxySvr service is not started or is down.
  • Network configuration is interfering with Component Object Model (COM) and Distributed COM (DCOM) operations.


To resolve these issues, choose from one of these options: 

  • If the Media Master control bar may not be able to locate the Cisco Unity server, replace the unityurl value with a proper IP address or DNS name, as necessary. Then restart the Tomcat service. Refer to step three in the To Verify That the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) Web Application Is Configured Correctly section of  Verifying That the IIS and Tomcat Integration Is Configured Correctly

  • If the AvMMProxySvr service is not started or is down, restart the AvMMProxySvr service.

  • If the network configuration is interfering with COM and DCOM operations, verify that DCOM communication is enabled on the subscriber workstation and on the Cisco Unity server. This is because the Media Master control bar relies on DCOM communication to communicate with the Cisco Unity server.

Apart from these, verify that there is no PIX Firewall between the subscriber workstation and the Cisco Unity server. The Media Master control bar does not work through a PIX Firewall. Disable virus scanning services and VPN Client software on the subscriber workstation, as applicable.

For more information, refer to the Procedures for Troubleshooting the Media Master Control Bar section of Cisco PCA.