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The user receives an error message while the user browses the SA web interface with the IP address of the Cisco Unity server


Core Issue

While browsing the System Administrator (SA) web interface using the IP address of the Cisco Unity server (for example, to perform a subscriber search, the links to the subscribers automatically switch to Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) (for example, Additionally, the Unable to resolve failover partner name to FQDN error message is displayed. 

Instead of continuing to use the IP address, it switches to the FQDN and ends up with the error message. These symptoms are observed for Cisco Unity release 4.0(1.122).


This issue can occur due to Cisco bug ID CSCec12836    or CSCed28247    in the Cisco Unity SA.

The suggested workaround is to use FQDNs instead of IP addresses. The alternate    workaround is for any client that needs to access Unity though an IP address,    place an entry in the host's file that has the host name (without any periods)    mapped to an IP address.

If these workarounds do not work, upgrade to Unity version 4.0(3)SR1 or later,    which can be downloaded from Software    Download-Cisco Unity 4.0 Software

For additonal information, refer to Cisco Unity SA Troubleshooting Guide.