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The Value of Mobility Services


In this day and age of mobile computing, is being always connected really that important?   If you are like many other working professionals today, you are always on the move and require access to resources wherever you go.  Today’s mobility services extend the normal boundaries of the typical work office; it is all about allowing employees to communicate, collaborate and access corporate resources wherever they may be. 
Mobility features such as Single Number Reach allow you to provide your coworkers, customers and partners a single business number to reach you within and outside the office.  Mobility services can also intelligently reroute calls to alternate destinations based on the calling party, time of day, date of week, or holidays.  The benefits of these services can range from a reduction in project delays to a win with a critical account.  In sales engagements, a missed call or a slow response could mean the difference between winning or losing new business. 
Today, the vehicles for accessing mobility services range from personal digital assistants (PDA) to smart phones.  The broad array of collaboration tools available on these devices allow you to effectively communicate while on the move.  Potential scenarios include your ability to host or participate on a conference call, receive and share information, or facilitate meetings.   Information shared can be in the form of presentations, documents, applications, and videos.
Unlocking the collaboration benefits that mobility services provide will vary from company to company based on your business processes and culture.  Ultimately, key stake holders need to weigh the return on investment in terms of the value for you to improve your ability to reach key decision makers, reduce project delays through improved collaboration, and communicate more effectively with your customers and supply chain.

We at Cisco have begun to see rapid adoption of mobility services as the businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of reducing human latency within teams, departments, across geographically dispersed sites, and in inter-company collaboration throughout the value chain.

It would be great to hear from the community regarding your success stories in transforming your business with mobility services, or from folks who are considering deploying these services and have questions for the community.

Best Regards,

Tony Huynh

Technical Marketing Engineer

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