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Three Collaboration Experiences That Transform Business


To have successful business collaboration there is one thing that matters and that one thing is the experience.  Collaboration is about bringing people together to meet common objectives.  The objectives can be anything, but they should be clear, concise, unifying, and attainable.  The way we collaborate is through communications.  Every form of communications has an experience.  The experience of talking in person, through instant message, over the phone, or on video.  Rather then talk about the individual experiences, I'd like to talk about the following collective experiences:

  • The User Experience- the users of today are more sophisticated then in the past.  This provides potential in How Enterprises Are Capitalizing On The Consumerization Of IT.  One of the fastest growing trends is BYOD, particularly smart phones and tablets, and the investment in mobile applications.  This allows the user to have the same experience at work as they do at home because they're using the same devices they're already familiar with.  The other major trend seen today is the move toward the use of cloud services.  In most cases the use of cloud services actually accelerates the promises of BYOD by extending the reach and range of business applications.  Take into consideration these trends and how best to improve the user experience.  First, consider the collaboration user personas and how they can use and benefit from trends such as BYOD and cloud.  In doing so, you'll be able to provide the best possible user experience by optimizing and reengineering processes.
  • The Workplace Experience- isn't it interesting that one of the top collaboration experiences is inanimate?  Sure, we collaborate with people all the time, but rarely do we consider the environment.  Yet, we spend hours collaborating within the workplace, but in the increasingly mobile world of today, we also spend hours collaborating outside the workplace.  It's become a blend of physical and virtual environments that truly demonstrate How Technology Has Changed Workplace Communication and improved the way we work.  At first the idea of the "office being where you are" may be daunting, but what that means is you're able to work the way you want.  The workplace is becoming ever more flexible in where we work from, how we bring people together, and the devices and applications we use to collaborate.  Furthermore, the workplace is evolving to be more open, maximize real estate, become green, and support the vision of what work will become for your company.
  • The Customer Experience- as consumers of products and services we hope to never, ever have to call a support line, but the reality is sooner or later we will.  The expectations placed on customer service is high and enterprises must pay attention to the quality of customer service they offer.  Just as we want to work our way, we expect customer service our way through multichannel support.  We want a personalized customer experience and this experience should follow us from in person to at home to on the road.  My preferences are so well known that new recommendations are made anytime I access an online store.  Then why don't I have the same personalization when I walk into a store?  If a company is going to be reactive to an issue, they'd better be fast about it.  Especially in the digital and social world of today.  I'd much rather a company be proactive and use the channels of todays' digital and social world to apprise me of issues before they become complaints.  The voice of the customer has become louder then ever before and transforming the customer experience can lead to additional profits and satisfaction.

These collective experiences are changing and will continue to change.  In the next 10, 20, 100 years they may be completely different from what we see today.  However, we will still have the need to collaborate as users and customers taking advantage of the tools available in our workplace or home environment.  Taking individual communications and bringing them together into a collective experience is how to transform business collaboration.  Provide a physical and virtual workplace environment that's conducive to meeting collaborative objectives.  Allow users to have a choice to work the way they want and be more efficient in the process.  Listen to the voice of the customer and invite them to participate in making their experiences better.

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