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TMS with Conductor Auto Connect - "call back" number is just sip@x.x.x.x


TMS 14.5

Conductor XC 2.4.1

TS 320 controlled by conductor, TS software version 4.0(2.8)

Endpoints:  MX300 and SX20 both TC 7.2.0 code

Conductor and the video endpoints are registered directly to CUCM 10.5 (No VCS)


I have a scheduled meeting in TMS using conductor as the bridge.

I have the meeting set to auto connect and its all working fine, it dials out to the video endpoints and connects properly. (they are set to auto answer)

My concern:  If the use accidentally hangs up the call they cant call back by using the recent call list.  The incoming call from the bridge is shown as "Callback number    sip:"   where is the IP address of the CUCM the TS320 sent the original call via.  If the user dialed the full SIP URI of the meeting they can reconnect fine.

Why is the calling address not shown as the full conference URI ?

This could lead to a confusing user experience if they get disconnected

Interesting snippet from the call log on the TS 320 - look at the "From" line in the INVITE.

In this example the conference alias is 55565000 there is some "garbage" before and after the extension and then we see "sip:" which is the IP of the TS320


<Line Value="INVITE sip:b058587c-0714-4989-a492-547a399b97ce@ SIP/2.0&#x0d;&#x0a;">
<Line Value="Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bKb8e1f3fb&#x0d;&#x0a;">
<Line Value="Max-Forwards: 70&#x0d;&#x0a;">


<Line Value="From: &quot;55565000&quot; &lt;sip:;;tag=41073C71C01C0000&#x0d;&#x0a;">


<Line Value="To: &lt;sip:b058587c-0714-4989-a492-547a399b97ce@;&#x0d;&#x0a;">
<Line Value="Call-ID: D3966FD2@;&#x0a;">
<Line Value="CSeq: 1 INVITE&#x0d;&#x0a;">
<Line Value="User-Agent: Cisco TelePresence Server v4.0(2.8)&#x0d;&#x0a;">



On the SIP profile assigned to the MXs, do you have "Use FQDN for routing" checkbox checked?


Yes, I ran into that early on. I do have that checked. I'm getting FQDN from outside direct calls to the endpoint.  Its just the conferences behind conductor.  I also have a standard MCU 5320 and I get proper calling ID from that MCU.

Cisco Employee

Quick question - how does your Trunk IP address look under the 'SIP trunk settings for out-dial calls' settings of the location look, is this the FQDN of the CUCM cluster or an ip address?



I do have it defined as an IP address. 

I'd expect that to effect the display of whats on the "right" side of the @ not on the "left"

The endpoint is displaying the word sip:

(sip , colon, IP address, colon, 5060)  not even sip@ as the calling party.

The invite message I showed was the invite directly from the MCU towards the Conductor.  In that invite the FROM line already contains the "mal-formed" address.

I would expect it to show 55565000@ at a minimum.  This would allow the call back from the endpoint if it was disconnected.

I think the fault lies in the communication between conductor and the MCU when the MCU created the outbound call.



Community Member

have you manage to solve this issue?



Looking for this same answer.  Any luck ?



I´m having the same issue here, cucm trunk to conductor with TMS and no calling number or calling name for conductor outgoing calls to cucm endpoints, have found any solution?

Cisco Employee

I reproduced this as well. There is an enhancement open for this: CSCuv21841. You can press "Save Bug" to receive updates on progress made.


thanks for posting this.

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