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Touch panel stuck on "Establishing Connection" during TX or CTS new install


Symptoms / Verification

If you have Cisco 12" Touch Panel on a CTS or TX-series endpoint during a new install that is stuck on "Establishing Connection", it could be an issue with the Manufacturing Installed Certificate. Occasionally, this is missed in manufacturing and the MIC has to be regenerated.


The touch panel will boot up fully, it will not get stuck on any checkpoint. The full error that will be on the panel is Establishing Connection Attempting to connect with the system. Please wait a moment.

We can verify that this is a MIC issue by typing show cert mic in the admin CLI. You should receive an error that says there is no certificate.


You can also check the Log Files setion of the GUI. There should be a very clear error at the top of the sysop log files as below:

WARNING= No valid Manufacturing Installed Certificate found
Secure mode operation may not be possible

If you are attempting to register to a secure device profile, the registration will fail without the MIC installed as well.


The easiest way to resolve this problem is with a factory init or factory reset of the codec. This will clear all configuration (including IP and CUCM configuration) and regenerate the necessary certificate. You can follow the factory reset guide here, simply replacing "utils system factory reset" with utils system factory init. A factory init is the same thing as a factory reset, but it doesn't roll back the running code to the factory slot.

If you are not onsite or otherwise unable to wipe the IP configuration from the endpoint, you can also open a TAC case to have the MIC recovered. We can run a root script to regenerate it which will just require a reboot.

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