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Trace Reading with TranslatorX


TranslatorX is a tool to help analyze logs from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and other devices.

Here is a list of logs that can be decoded using this tool.

1. CUCM (Cisco CallManager traces: SIP, H.323, Q931, MGCP, SCCP
2. Voice Gateway debugs (debug ccsip message, debug isdn q931): SIP, Q931
3. VCS / Expressway (Diagnostics Log): SIP, H.323
4. Jabber (Problem Report): SIP
5. CWMS (wbxXXXX_sip.log from Infocap): SIP   *Unsupported

Below you can find more detailed information about TranslatorX and some examples for how to use it.


  • TranslatorX

  • Collecting CUCM Traces

  • Loading trace files into TranslatorX

  • Displaying call flow sequence diagrams in TranslatorX

  • Using filters in TranslatorX

  • Displaying a list of calls in TranslatorX


Great information and very helpful. I was able to interpret the logs as saying that a real number on our internal network was calling out repeatedly(in rapid succession) to an fake external phone number and in another case a fake number was repeatedly calling an internal number on our network.  So what are my options to keep this from happening other than blocking the individual fake number? Is it a attack on my phone networking? Is it an attempt to get in or disrupt my service similar to a dos attack?

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