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Transforming “Anti-Social” Environments into Powerful and Collaborative Social Enterprises


Is your company “anti-social” because there is too much noise? Are you having challenges getting a grip on your various social networking tools? Keep reading to discover how Persistent Systems did it.

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Imagine running a global software development firm, with over 6000 employees, nine development centers, spread across three continents, in various time zones.  When your business is finding virtual experts for various client projects at the speed of light, instant collaboration becomes essential for success.

Persistent Systems based in Pune, India, is one such award-winning software company that has championed their collaboration challenges, with strong tangible results and exceptional employee productivity statistics.  

However, their story is not simply about discovering how enterprise social software is much more effective than email, phone, and other traditional forms of communication.  They are beyond that point in their journey. Persistent Systems’ challenge was rather the opposite: having to manage too many different, silo-ed  tools, applications, and interfaces for social collaboration. They were using SharePoint to share documents, Cisco WebEx for online meetings, and various other social networking tools such as wikis, blogs, and discussion forums. Imagine having to manage all of these various social environments and tools to communicate, find answers quickly, and solve clients’ business challenges. “Each tool was effective, but having to work with multiple applications taxed our IT team as well as our employees,” states Ajay Deshpande, chief architect of Persistent Systems. “As we added more employees in more time zones, our need for a unified enterprise collaboration platform became more imperative."

Persistent Systems found this solution through Cisco WebEx Social (formerly called Cisco Quad) which is an enterprise collaboration platform that delivers various social networking capabilities including blogs, wikis, posts, discussion forums, video sharing, and Cisco WebEx web conferencing through a unified user experience. The initial deployment to 200 employees has now grown to over 4000 users who also utilize Cisco WebEx Social on their mobile devices and macs in addition to PCs.

The company began seeing some very impressive and tangible results including:

accelerated formation of project teams

increased decision-making efficiency 

allowing employees to micro-blog ahead of time for meetings in advance, reduced the meeting time from 90 minutes to an average of 15 to 20 minutes; collectively the 25 people on the call have freed up more than 30 hours weekly for more customer interaction

These critical results were achieved mainly because Persistent now had a platform approach for social collaboration, and they now accessed all these tools within a single environment, resulting in a consistent user experience.

I am sure, many companies can appreciate the fact that the amount of time spent in meetings every day, can be better spent working on actual action items.  Overall this empowers your workforce to be more productive and efficient.

To learn more about how Persistent Systems used Cisco WebEx Social to champion the challenge of consolidating various social networking tools through a single, unified platform, and how this helped them to achieve success with both their employees, as well as with their customers, I encourage you to read the case study.