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Troubleshooting for CTI port registration of Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced



This document describes the steps to troubleshoot Computer Telephony integration (CTI) device registration issue in Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced edition server.



Cisco recommends that you have knowledge of the following topics.

  • Cisco Unified Attendant Console
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager.


Component Used

All devices used for testing were configured with clear and default configurations in LAB environment.

  • Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced Edition Release 10.5.2
  • Cisco unified Call Manager Release 10.5.2


Troubleshooting steps:-


AC Webadmin page

  • CUCM connection test under AC webadmin>>Engineering>>CUCM Connectivity should succeed.


  • CTI port and template information should be populated under AC webadmin>>System Configuration>>Queue Device Group>>System Device Management.


  • The maximum internal device digit length should be set as per the CTI device plan.

AC webadmin page>>User Configuration>>General Properties.


Attendant Console Server

  • TAPI Service Provide (TSP) should be updated as per the current Call manager version.



  • Account information should be populated correctly with the application user created in Call manager and should match to AC webadmin page>> Engineering>>CUCM Connectivity.



  • CTI manager information should match the Call manager IP address.



  • The above CTI Manager preference sholud be based on the Call Manager group preference set on the CTI template, Call Manager GUI>>Device>>Phone>>Search for CTI template>>Device Pool details>>Call Manager Group.


  • Recommended New Media driver should have the correct should have the correct UDP port range (50000 to 51019).



  • Remove the wave driver if installed under System>>Device Manager.



  • Enable DEP for essential Windows programs and services only under Control Panel>>System and Security>>System>>Advanced System Settings>>System Propertis>>Advanced>>Performance>>Settings>>Performance Option>>Data Execution Prevention.



  • Telephony should be set to Automatic under Services.


  • Firewall should be turned off under Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Windows Firewall.
  • Go to Run>>Dialer>>Tools>>Connect Using, if the CTI ports are not present under Line drop down menu then the TSP is faulty.


Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

1) Under User Management>>Application User, Application User Configuration should have the following roles:-

  • Standard AXL API Access
  • Standard CTI Allow Calling Number Modification
  • Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring
  • Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices
  • Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf*
  • Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode*
  • Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material
  • Standard CTI Enabled



2) CTI template used for the CTI devices should have a unique not registered DN assigned to it.


3) Common Device Configuration assigned to the CTI template should have the IP addressing mode set to IPv4 only.



After checking the above steps, please run Synchronize with CUCM from AC webadmin page>>System Configuration>>Synchronize with CUCM.


If this does not resolves the issue and registers the CTI ports and route points.


  • Please Uninstall TSP from AC (Windows server)


  • Download the correct version of TSP from Call manager GUI>>Application>>Plugins


  • Delete the CTI port DN’s from CUCM GUI>>Call Routing>>Directory Number


  • Delete the CTI ports from CUCM>>Device>>Phone


  • Delete the CTI route points from CUCM GUI>>Device>>CTI Route Point


  • Install TSP in Attendant Console (Windows server)


  • Run Synchronize with CUCM from AC webadmin page>>System Configuration>>Synchronize with CUCM.


[+5] for sharing nice DOC.





Hi Guys,

After struggling with installation of CUACA and got synchronized with CUCM I have more than 3 users in CUCM and just one showed at CUACA client console, I didn't licensed it yet is that the reason or there is another reason for that issue?!!

Thanks for all

Mohammad Saeed

Very helpful document. We faced issue with CTI registration and the problem was with TSP config. Thanks for the document.



Nice et helpful !


Do you know if there is any limitation on number of channel / UDP ports ?




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