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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Trust me! Times are changing quickly. Ride the wave...

Cisco Employee

Take notice of the furious pace of change in the world around you.  Businesses, Government, Politics, Technology...

What remains constant is that PEOPLE make things work.. People have ideas, they develop and execute on project plans, they process the transactions... People working with people in almost every case. 

When organizations and relationships have trust, lots of great things happen.  just to name a few:

  • Decisions are made faster.
  • Information is shared more freely.
  • Customers choose to buy from companies they trust.
  • Investors buy shares in companies they trust.
  • Companies invest and hire when they trust future conditions.

Video and rich media are at the center of developing relational trust.  From television ads to telepresence.  The ability to see and interact with another person is what drives innovation, operational efficiency, and growth.

For me, video allows me to most efficiently communicate:

  • Experience
  • Emotion
  • Personality
  • Inspiration
  • Energy.

Can you imagine doing business without those things? I can’t.   Email, telephones, voice mail, unified communications, even traditional snail mail fall short and only face to face will do.  In today's world, face to face can be expanded so easily with video collaboration... The big question is, will you ride the wave on to a new shore of possibility, or get crushed on the rocks of "we have always done it that way and it is good enough..."

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