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UC 500 External Call Forward & CCA


I have a UC540 customer that wants to allow their users to call forward external calls back out to the PSTN, via the same PRI they came in on.  I think the feature needing to be implemented is ISDN redirect.  Our tech tells me that such functionality is possible, however only through CLI and not CCA.  I'm also being told that Cisco won't support this product unless it's been configured through CCA.  If that's true, and I hope it's not, how can we satisfy this customer's need for external call forwarding, as well as ongoing support?

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I am not very clear about the CFA scenrio you are talking about. Which route an outbound call takes depends on the Dial plan and this can be configured through CCA. So the dial plan can be modified to send calls to ISDN.

If you are doing some thing fancy with re-directs it may be possible through CLI. However any CLI configuration will cause you to lose CCA as CCA cannot understand custom CLI. It is likely that CCA will delete the custom CLI that you put in, the next time you use CLI.

If you decide not use CCA, then CLI is supported given that you are UC Express Certified.

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