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UCCX 8 Licensing

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As  you may know, UCCX 8.0 is the latest version of the Cisco Contact  Center Express software out on the market, and in the past month we have  seen a lot of our customer to upgrade their old systems to this new  version, not only because some of the older versions will be out of  support early next year but also because of the great new features  available on this new version.

One  of the big changes in the 8.x version is the licensing model, as it  changed from a non node locked license to a node locked license schema.  In the old versions of UCCX the license was not dependant on the  hardware of software configuration, so basically you were able to use  any license on any server without any issue. But in this new version the  license gets associated to something we call now 'License MAC', which  is a 12 digit HEX value created by hashing a great deal of parameters  that you configure on the server, including: Time zone, NTP Server 1 (or ‘none’), NIC speed (or ‘auto’),

Hostname,  IP Address, IP Mask, Gateway Address, Primary DNS, SMTP Server (or  ‘none’), Certificate Information (Organization, Unit, Location, State,  Country), etc. If there’s a change on any of these parameters, the  License MAC also changes and you will need to request a re-host license  to the Cisco licensing team in no more than 30 days.

There are two different ways to get the 'License MAC’.

First,  there is the “Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator” to  get the information prior the installation so you can request the  license to Cisco as soon as you decide to upgrade your system.

To access the “Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator”, go to License-1.JPG

After  you enter all the information requested by the web page, you just click  the "Generate Answer Files & License MAC" button and new window  will popup with the License MAC that you should use to request the  permanent license.

license MAC.jpeg

Also  after you install the server you can use the 'show status' command from  the CLI or from OS Administration to get this information as well.

Step 2:

show status.JPG

If you would like to get  a feel of the capabilities offered by this new version of UCCX, you can  use one of 4 different demo packages (IP IVR, STD, ENH and PRE) that  come with the Unified CCX 8.0(1) installation DVD which contains 4 demo licenses. Demo license works for 30 days.

Walter J. Solano Vindas


It really seems silly that the hash is tied to values that could easily change and require a re-host such as DNS, SMTP server and cert values.  Regardless, I appreciate the post as I had only seen this from a migration point of view.


Also, is it or will it ever be possible to re-host without TAC involvement?

I'd also point people to the encrypted version of the AFG, especially considering the sensative nature of the data and the wide-spread usage of firesheep these days.


I don't think there's another way than going through TAC by now. Cisco has implemented this new Licensing model for UCCX now that it will be supported on VMware. The idea is to prevent licenses to be re-used without authorization. I know it might be troublesome if a change invalidates the license, but how ofter you might need to change DNS, SMTP server and cert values anyway.

Once you change one of the parameters that creates the License MAC, you will enter a 30 day grace period. You can change the parameters back to the original and the License should work again.


Cisco UC Licensing is one of the most frustrating aspects of my job, having a large cluster I spend a few to several hours registering PAK's anytime we add a location, I can't count the hours I've spent on the phone with the licensing team.

I also discovered this License MAC issue after upgrading to 8.x CCX, we are frequently upgrading infrastructure/dns/ntp - I think this is common in big corporations...

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Thanks a lot for the feed back John and I completely understand your frustration. As I mentioned in the post the reason why Cisco creates this new licensing model is to support VMware.

Frequent Contributor

Dear Walter,

Thanks a lot for your doc, it help me a lot

Only I have a concern and need your reply on that..

About securing the license

thanks alot

Rising star

Hi hythamhadad,

I hope you understand the implications of what you are suggesting; which is fraud. That goes against US laws and surely will go against local laws. Please be aware of that, as you, your company and your client could be prosecuted by commiting fraud.

I hope this helps.



Frequent Contributor

Hi Walter,

I won't ever follow this path in using license files at all

Also I have edited my post above so as not to be spreaded and it is my fault to announceit from first but it is only to show you the case..

Only my post is for asking only: how the new licensing method is more secured than using the MCS78xx MAC address in ordering the license ?

I find the old method is very very secured

so I need your opinion on that

And I could inform the licensing team of Cisco about this point to rectify


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Hello hythamhadad,

In older versions of UCCX the license was not tide to the MAC address like in CUCM or Unity Connection. Basically the reason of the why the license is generated based in the configuration and not based in the hardware is to support vitrtualization with VMWare ESX and ESXi.


Hi Walter,

We've just performed a fresh install of UCCX 8.0.1.  I noticed you mentioned that the "installation DVD which contains 4 demo licenses".

I've searched through the installation DVD, but cannot find any mention of these demo licenses?  Are you able to tell us where on the DVD they are hiding?

After install we are presented with the configuration wizard, but are obviously getting stuck due to lack of demo license file.


Hi Walter,

I have my fresh installation of uccx 8.5, but I'm using the iso file instead of DVD, so, where should I look for the demo license file?


How Yee


You just need to mount the iso file to get the demo license folder.

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