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UCCX exceptions by step


This document may be a response to the challenge in Anthony Holloway's excellent document, as it contains the exceptions a UCCX script step may throw. The author is fully aware of the fact that this document is far from being complete and so is humbly asking all the users of this forum to contribute.

The next task is to create a test suite that would prove that a particular step in fact, throws the declared exceptions.

Please note that not all the exceptions are listed here. For example, ExpressionException may mean all the subclasses extending ExpressionException.


Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Very nicely done Greg.  I don't see the Set or Do steps in there?  Were they left out intentionally, due to the large number of possible exceptions they could throw?

Gergely Szabo


for a moment I thought I had skipped the Set and Do steps, but, actually, I didn't. Look at pages 11 and 12, they're there.

About the large number of possible exceptions these steps may throw - from one perspective, it's true, considering that you may insert any Java code as expression and that may throw a wider range of exceptions. But those won't be the exceptions described in the document, unless the programmer chose to explicitly throw them if an exception is caught. I don't see any reason why it should be done that way, unless you want to hand over the exception handling to the script.

But that kind of rethrowing would be sort of artificial.

And, by the way, the same thing applies to all steps that allow Java code blocks as expressions.

So to sum it up, the only exception that the Set or Do step may throw (unless you specifically throw another exception from the code block) is in fact ExpressionException (or its subclasses).

Does this answer your question? Or, do you mean something different? Please explain.


Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

Gergely Szabo wrote:


Look at pages 11 and 12, they're there.

Oh yes, you are correct.  I see them now.  I never claimed to be a smart person, only a creative problem solver!

You're understanding on the inner workings of UCCX is impressive.  Keep up the awesome work.

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