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Unable to access Unity subscriber from the directory through spelling by name in the Cisco Unity 4.x and Cisco Unity plays a "User not found" message


Core Issue

In the Cisco Unity 4.x, after you listen to the opening greeting when the calling party tries to search the directory with the use of the alphabetical search through the phone button, few subscriber names cannot be found and Cisco Unity plays a User not found message.

Normally, this is caused when a mailbox has not be setup fully.

If the name is not recorded the user will not be found in the Directory Handler.

You can attempt to verify this by.

1. Pulling up Unity SA
2. Pull up Subscriber with issue
3. Look for Media Master Bar that says "recorded voice" and make sure name has been recorded.
4. If Nothing has been recorded then that is probably causing you issue.

During mailbox setup, Cisco Unity asks to record your name and separately asks to record a voicemail message.


When a directory handler is set to search by a distribution list, the membership is synchronized from the Active Directory or Exchange Directory into the Cisco Unity SQL database. In order to change the distribution list that the directory handler searches on requires synchronization. The synchronization takes place when the Cisco Unity directory services (AvDSAD and AvDSGlobalCatalog) poll the directory for any changes to be applied to the SQL database, which usually occurs within 15 to 20 minutes after the change is made on the Directory Hander Search Options page in the Cisco Unity Administrator.

In order to initiate an immediate synchronization, complete these steps:

  1. In the Cisco Unity Administrator, choose System > Configuration > Settings.
  2. In the Replicate Cisco Unity Directory Objects section, choose Changed Objects.

    The Settings page is refreshed and the database changes are synchronized in the background.
  3. Wait a few minutes, then call in to Cisco Unity in order to confirm that the subscribers can be located in the directory handler.
  4. If the subscribers still can not be located, confirm that they have recorded names. Subscribers must have recorded names in order for directory handlers to have access.

Another way to update directory handlers is to change the membership of a distribution list by which one or more directory handlers are scoped. Changes made to distribution list membership with the use of the Cisco Unity Administrator are updated in the Cisco Unity database within a few minutes. But, in complex networked sites, the replication process can take much longer. This is a function of network complexity and varies from site to site. The network replication process time is not a function of Cisco Unity directory synchronization services, and it is not possible to reduce this time with the use of the previous procedure.

Refer to Subscriber and Administrator Access for more information about issues related to access.