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Unable to do pickup group with Cisco CallManger Express 3.3


Core Issue

Cisco CallManager Express allows administrators to associate pickup groups with individual ephone-dn entries, making it easier for phone users to answer or pick up a call that is ringing on a different ephone-dn. If both ephone-dns are in the same pickup group, the user presses fewer keys to pick up the call.


Most of the time, these issues are caused by using a load not recommended for Cisco CallManager Express 3.3. For more information, refer to Cisco CallManager Express 3.3 Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice Products. The document contains a compatibility table for Cisco CallManager Express with other loads. It includes information on downloading compatible loads, such as file P00305000600.sbn.

The user must delete the old file from Flash after copying the new one there. Change these commands to point to the correct new load file name:

  • Globally: tftp-server flash:P00305000301.sbn 

  • Under telephony-service: load 7960-7940 P00305000301

Reset all phones, and type create cnf under the telephony-service command line, making sure that the new load is sh ephone phone-load.

Note: If you have other IP phone models, make sure they are running compatible loads as well.

Problem Type

Call control software  (CallManager, CallManager Express, ICS7750, SRST, SS7 call agents)

Call Control

CallManager express

Common Software and Product Issues



Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Nothing transmitted: Not sent or received, notification, alert or delivery, etc.

Cannot be configured correctly

When Problem Occurs

After phone is picked up

Supplementary Services

Call pickup and Group call pickup

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