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Unable to forward and reply to voice mails with MailView


Core Issue

The Internet Mail Service (IMS) Cisco gateway and Cisco Unity voicemail gateway are not set up.


The IMS is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) gateway built into Microsoft Exchange. To set up the gateway, perform these steps:

  1. Run Microsoft Exchange Administrator.
  2. Select Server > Connections. Verify that IMS is not installed (not listed). Select your server.
  3. Select File > New Other > Internet Mail Service.
  4. Perform the installation steps. To set up the voicemail gateway, insert the Cisco Unity CD on the Microsoft Exchange server where the SMTP gateway is installed.
  5. Go to the Voice Gateway directory. Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions. Internet Voice Connector (IVC) starts automatically. The IVC object is installed within the Connectors object of the Microsoft Exchange Administrator Users and Administrators.
  6. Set e-mail IDs for each Cisco Unity user to match the Microsoft Exchange server e-mail IDs. Add an e-mail alias for each mail recipient of the form userid@domain name of type voice. This enables the Cisco Unity server to recognize that the MailView replies and forwards are voice mail. It also allows users to receive MailView replies and forwards of the voice type.

For more information on IP Phone Productivity Service (PPS) issues, refer to these documents: