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Unable to route the Hunt Pilot calls to cti route point


Hello Experts,

We have configured a Hunt pilot which includes 2 line line group with 5 extensions rings with Algorithm as broadcast and 2nd line group contains 1 extension as their manager.All these extensions configured with single number reach with their mobile numbers.Requirement is to transfer the unanswered calls to unity connection auto attendant via a cti route point (Enabled forwarding at Hunt pilot).

However the setup is not working.Calls go to some default voicemail pilot.

We have enabled voicemail for individual extensions after 28 seconds.





I wonder why you are using a CTI RP to forward the unanswered calls to UC? I normally set the CFNA of the hunt pilot to the VM hunt pilot and use the same extension of the hunt pilot on the Auto Attendant or use a forwarding route rule if I can't use the same extension.


I have enabled the forwarding as CFNA on Hunt pilot to a cti route point.Because that cti is configured as a voicemail account in Unity and users can drop messages to their group email ID.

Now issue is calls are being answered by voicemail on extension ,hence not being forwarded to the cti route point as enabled on Hunt pilot.

Hunt call.PNG



I think the issue is that the original called number (the hunt pilot - assuming no translation) is the number being passed on to Unity connection. You could use a forwarding routing rule on UC to get around this, or you could change the extension of the voicemail box to match the hunt pilot extension.


Even if i disabled voicemail on individual extensions still calls going to default CUCM considers them answered calls hence Hunt pilot calls not being forwarded to the desired number.

Any idea how to disable this behaviorvoicemail_activation.PNG for the extensions.


I think we may need to get back to the basics of what you want to happen. Call manager ignores the members of the hunt list in regards to the call forwarding.

What is the call flow you want to do?

I've been assuming that you want to:

Incoming call > Hunt Pilot > Hunt List > Line Group > Hunt Pilot call forward no answer > voicemail box (group access). Is this not correct?



Call flow is correct.

But calls goes to default voicemail after ringing the extensions.That is the main issue.

Even if we disabled the voicemail on extensions still goes to default voicemail.


What are the extensions for the hunt pilot and the voicemail box? It makes it MUCH easier if they match.


The issue is the call is being presented to Unity with the original called number.  Add a forward routing rule in CUC to correct this.


In our case Hunt Pilot number is 12345 and voicemail  extension on unity is 12378.we need calls should be forwarded from the Hunt pilot to this voicemail extension mentioned above.

Can you please suggest how to create a forward routing rule in the above case.


Thanks in Advance.


I think the easiest way for you to do this without messing with the forwarding routing rules is to just add 12345 as an alternate extension for the the 12378 voicemail box (Go to the vm entry on Unity Connection, click edit > Alternate Extensions >Add New > enter in 12345 int the Phone Number or URI  box) .

Yes,I tried a forward routing rule for Hunt pilot and the destination voicemail box.That worked.

Also tried the alternate extension for the voicemail,that also working.


Thanks all for your help.

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor

Not related to your question, but why did you post your question as a Document and not a Post in the forum?


I am not able to find such option for post as i checked.So i selected for discussion.

Anyhow issue has been resolved internally.


Subhashish Rout

Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor
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