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Unable to schedule additional meetings on the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, and the "Insufficient licenses are available. Try using a different date, time, duration or participant count" error message appears


Core Issue

When a system is first set up, it must have a license file that contains these three licenses, in addition to the voiceconf and webconf licenses:

  • systemsoftware

  • maxvoice

  • maxweb

If these licenses are absent, the Cisco MeetingPlace sessions are limited to only six ports for scheduling.

The license file information can be captured by Infocap.


This issue is tracked in Cisco bug ID CSCsd62819. This is caused by a scheduling failure of a voice + web meeting when there are enough voice ports, but insufficient web ports. The user is given a choice to schedule a voice only meeting. But, if a voice only meeting is chosen, it fails and gives an option to schedule a web only meeting, which fails again.

After these errors, users are not able to schedule any voice ports for that time period even though there are ports available. This is because the voice port is not released after the scheduling failure.

This appears as insufficient ports for a large meeting. It depends on the amount of voice ports requested in the failed schedule attempt that are not released.

In order to resolve this issue, set all user profiles appropriately.

The other cause of this issue is the lack of a base license file. The Infocap logs can show the server boot process which parses the license files.

Install the base license file that is absent, so that all of the ports can be utilized.

It is also recommended to upgrade the MeetingPlace Express software to the latest version available, 2.x and later, which has the fix for this issue.

MeetingPlace Express can be downloaded from Cisco Downloads.

Refer to Troubleshooting Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express for more information.