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Unable to update the PTT Subscriber List because both Node Data Exchangers were unable to make a connection to the Motorola Application Server


Core Issue

The push-to-talk (PTT) platform starts experiencing a PTT Subscriber group update issue. Whenever a subscriber updates (add/delete contact lists), the handset updates the group but the application server does not get the update. Until the GCR card (Group data card) is started, the updated group lists do not get propagated in the Application Server Cisco Subscription Authorizer (SA).

The groups subscriber can be added/deleted in the handset and is also updated in the Subscription Authorizer but it does not update the application server GCR card until it is reset (stop/start). Also, when PTT has a newly created group, a SIP 404 error (group not found) shows up. After resetting the GCR cards in both Node A & B, the application server which updates the group changes the new groups and can be called afterwards.

The Node Data Exchanger's CLI status is:


queue-status -n C.HARD.ANODE.An -s disabled

queue-status -n D.HARD.ANODE.DE -s enabled

queue-status -n C.SOFT.ANODE.DE -s enabled

A few ping attempts to the application server shows this error:

** Please ask Application to re-register to reattempt connection from A(N) to Application. *


This issue occurs when there is a broken NS replication job. To fix the broken replication, complete these steps:

1. Issue this command:

NodeAse1$>pwd /opt/dynamicsoft/dsde/bin

dsde.log : Logs could be found under /opt/dynamicsoft/log/

2. Check the Node Data Exchanger's CLI for queue-status by issuing the following command:


queue-status -n C.HARD.ANODE.An -s disabled

queue-status -n D.HARD.ANODE.DE -s enabled

queue-status -n C.SOFT.ANODE.DE -s enabled

3. Run the following queries to find any broken jobs, pending transactions or errors:

sql>select job, what, to_char(next_date, 'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI:SS'), broken from dba_jobs;

sql>select count(*) from deftran;

iii) sql>select count(*) from deferror;

The broken NameService job will be shown as:


------------------- -

dbms_refresh.refresh('"NAMESERVICE"."mpds_mv_rfg"');01/01/4000 00:00:00 Y

4. Log into Master Provisioning Database (MPDS) (Oracle) as user "Name Service" and execute the job execute;.

5.  Verify the status for the Node Data Exchanger connectivity with the application server through the Node A interface.

Problem Type

Voice applications  (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

CallManager Distributed Call Processing


Call Session Control Platform Products

Data Exchanger (DE)

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