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Unity - Troubleshooting Digital Networking Replication & License Pooling (with Active Directory)

Bradford Magnani
Cisco Employee

A lot of the time you'll have a voice network where there are multiple Unity servers deployed, all participating in a digital network.  With these large networks comes the potential for a lot of administrative overhead and accounting for multiple license files, which can become a nightmare.  As a result, a lot of the time Unity is configured for sharing licenses between one another (license pooling).   Little do administrators know how important Digital Networking replication is to license pooling.  Ever wonder why one day you'll be going to move a user and you see that you're able to move this user to OLD Unity servers that may not exist anymore?!  You may also wake up one morning to phones ringing indefinitely as Unity shut down due to a license violation.  You soon find out that your servers incorrectly reflect user counts and you're now over quota!

Click on the document link below; it contains steps required to clean up situations just like this.

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Ginger Dillon

Hi Brad -

I think this is an excellent document!  I have had this same error before and fixed it without contacting TAC, but it would have been nice to have had this as a resource!  Thank you for taking the time to put it together for us.  Your doc references the importance of AD synchronization/replication with the domain and global catalog servers.  This is so important, especially in environments with multiple Unity servers in different domains. 

Sincerely, Ginger


Ginger Dillon,

I am having the same problem now, I contacted TAC and have had a case open with them we used this article, but can you tell me if you did anything more to help resolve the issue?

Ginger Dillon

Hi James -

Just sent you an email with the problem I encountered and how I fixed.  Reposting in case others want to know as well!

This was a fun one!  Situation was I had license pooling enabled on 5 Unity servers in different AD domains, but same forest.  Each Unity was member of same Dialing Domain.  Due to replication with AD issues, one of the Unity servers that held "many" of the user licenses fell out of the Dialing Domain and I was suddenly out of license compliancy and getting errors.  I found the errant server by going to Global Subscriber Manager on each server and checking the Dialing Domain.  It showed one Unity server alone, out of the Dialing Domain.  Wish I had a screenshot to show you what it looked like.  In GSM you can click on the dialing domain and see each of the servers.  The problem was the Unity server had a different domain controller server than global catalog server in DC/GC Reconnect Tool.  I had to force the Unity server to get the same DC/GC and once I did that, force replication using DC/GC Reconnect from each of the other Unity servers.  Once the Unity server reappeared back in the Dialing Domain, License Manager no longer showed errors but it took a couple of hours to fix.  From then on, I made sure to routinely monitor DC/GC Reconnect and have both DC and GC be the same server as each Unity server in its AD domain.
Hope this helps!

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