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*Updated 26 july 2011* CUCM Frequently Asked Questions



This document answers frequently asked questions about the Cisco Unified Communication Support.

Refer to Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for more information on document conventions.

Q. What's the maximum number of LDAP Agreements configurable in CCM 7.x?

A: You can configure up to 5 LDAP agreements. As per the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x SRND, the synchronization is performed by a process called Cisco DirSync, which is enabled through the Serviceability web page. When enabled, it allows one to five synchronization agreements to be configured in the system. An agreement specifies a search base that is a position in the LDAP tree where Unified CM will begin its search for user accounts to import. Unified CM can import only users that exist in the domain specified by the search base for a particular synchronization agreement.

Q: Is it possible to use Insight Agents with CUCM 7.x?

A: Unfortunately Insight Manager is not supported on Linux based CallManager (5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x), it is only supported on Windows based CallManager (3.x and 4.x).

Q: How do you set an email alert for failed backups on CUCM?

A: Perform these steps:

  1. In RTMT, go to Alert Central and choose System > Tools > Alert > Config Email Server.
  2. Enter your email relay server here. Then, select the alert which you want sent to you (CiscoDRFFailure) and right click on it.
  3. Select Set Alert/Properties.
  4. Click on Next until you get to Frequency & Schedule.
  5. Enable email and configure the Trigger Alert Action. You can either edit the Default to add your email address (in which case all alerts with Alert Action of Default will be sent to you) or you can add a new Alert Action.

Q: Is it possible to configure forced logged off for extension mobility users after a particuar time period?

A: Yes, it is possible to configure this under Extension Mobility service parameters. For Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.x, the following are the service parameters that needs to be changed to acheive this.

Enforce Intra-cluster Maximum Login Time : Set this parameter to TRUE
Intra-cluster Maximum Login Time Required Field: Set the Time here.
Inter-cluster Maximum Login Time Required Field: Set the Time here.

Note: The parameter look quite similar in previous versions also except that you do not get the Intra-cluster Maximum Login Time Required Field or Inter-cluster Maximum Login Time Required Field as this only exists in 8.X.

Q: Is that possible to have CUCM locally and Unity remotely ? One of a Customer has 600 users in Country A and they would like to deploy the CUCM locally in Country A and Unity located in Country B. Will that be feasible ?

A: Yes, that is feasible.

Q: If there are 600 users across the WAN with CUCM located on Country A and Unity located on Country B, what would be the requirments for WAN connection ?

A: Here are the requirements for a PIMG (Cisco Unity PBX IP Media Gateway) or TIMG (Cisco Unity T1 IP Media Gateway). CUCM requirements should be rougly the same :

For G.729a Codec formatting, a minimum of 32.76 Kbps guaranteed bandwidth for each Voice messaging port.

For G.711 Codec formatting, a minimum of 91.56 Kbps guaranteed bandwidth for each Voice messaging port.

Note: Unity has to be co-located with the Exchange server.

Q: How to Choose the Supported MCS Servers for CUCM version ?

A: Here is the link for Supported MCS Servers vs CUCM Version.

Supported Servers for Releases of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Intercompany Media Engine and Session Manager Edition

Q: Will Rtmt trigger the daily email notification for cpu and memory status of CUCM ?

A: Yes, that is feasible. For Email notification and Alert configuraiton on RTMT please refer to the following link

Q. How to monitor the health of CUCM ?

A: Refer this link for monitoring the Cisco Unifid communications Manager system health.

Q. Is there any link where the newest Ordering guide for the new CUCM 9.0 is posted?


Kindly find the Links to the CUCM 8.x & 9.x SRND Design Guide, Ordering Guide.

Design Guide:

Ordering Guide:

Q.Is there any way to make User ID only numeric and not alphanumeric?

This parameter specifies whether the user ID to be used is  alphanumeric or numeric. Valid values specify True (user ID is  alphanumeric) or False (user ID is numeric).

This is a required field.


Q.Is there anyway to allow a user to force off another EM session?

This parameter specifies the behavior for multiple attempted logins  by the same user on different devices within the same cluster. Allowed  values are : 1. Multiple Logins Allowed (the same user ID can be logged  in to extension mobility on more than one device), 2. Multiple Logins  Not Allowed (a user ID can only be logged into one device) and 3. Auto  Logout (if a user ID is logged into extension mobility on one device,  and the same user ID attempts to login to extension mobility on a  different device, the first device automatically logs out). For EM Cross  Cluster, multiple login is always allowed.

This is is a required field.


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