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Upgrade Issue Checklist



You  can use this checklist to isolate if you are facing any issues with upgrading your device. It contains step by step checks to see that all the things  are in place.

Hope  that would help.


Mubashshir  Akhtar

Telepresence Support Team


I know this is an old post, But thought I would check here first. I have a C40 Codec that will not upgrade. No matter how I try either from the TMS or the WEB interface I get the same failure.

/share/installimage/hooks.d/installimage-endeavor failed to run

We did recently add the Touch panel, and I will have the colleagues remove it once they get on site. But has anyone else seen this??

Cisco Employee


this looks like message reported in this bug.

The release note of  CSCud92375 explains your touch panel hardware is too old to work with the newer software on your codec. Can you please take a picture of the labels on the touch panel to check serial number?

Installimage-endeavour failed to run!

Symptom: During upgrading you will see this error message in the console log .

[ 0] [** ] Determining base directory
[ 0] [*** ] Determining install directory
[ 0] [**** ] Running early product-specific tasks
[ 7] [***** ] Cleaning install directory
[ 8] [****** ] Extracting software
[ 65] [******* ] Verifying data integrity
[ 65] [******** ] Copying user data
[ 67] [********* ] Copying release key file
[ 67] [********** ] Running product-specific tasks
/share/installimage/hooks.d/installimage-endeavour failed to run!

Conditions: The reason this message jump up , is that the software isn't supported to the connected touch device

Workaround: During this time RMA the touch device

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