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Upgrade of Call Manager fails while importing IDP (International Dial Plan) files


Problem Description :

While performing a Refresh Upgrade of the Call Manager, the upgrade fails while importing the IDP (International Dial Plan) files.

We can see the below error in the install logs :

11/14/2014 20:34:28 component_install|Search path is /common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts:/usr/local/cm/script|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:28 component_install|Checking command /common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:28 component_install|Execute "/common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/ RU Export /common/component/callmanager /usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt"|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|Search path is /common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts:/usr/local/cm/script|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|Checking command /common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/dialplan_files_migrate|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|Execute "/common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/dialplan_files_migrate RU Export /common/component/callmanager /usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt"|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 dialplan_files_migrate|Export dial plan files to |<LVL::Info>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 dialplan_files_migrate|Calling mkdir -p /common/component/callmanager/IDP/idp/|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 dialplan_files_migrate|Copying /usr/local/cm/idp//*NP to /common/component/callmanager/IDP/idp/|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 dialplan_files_migrate|File:/common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/dialplan_files_migrate:92, Function: copy_cmd(), Unable to copy /usr/local/cm/idp//*NP to /common/component/callmanager/IDP/idp/ (1)|<LVL::Error>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|(CAPTURE) Copying /usr/local/cm/idp//*NP to /common/component/callmanager/IDP/idp/|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|(CAPTURE) cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/cm/idp//*NP': No such file or directory|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|(CAPTURE) Unable to copy /usr/local/cm/idp//*NP to /common/component/callmanager/IDP/idp/ (1)|<LVL::Debug>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 component_install|File:/common/download/, Function: execute_shell_cmd(), /common/refresh_upgrade/Cisco/callmanager/scripts/dialplan_files_migrate RU Export /common/component/callmanager /usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt failed (1)|<LVL::Error>

11/14/2014 20:34:29 refresh_upgrade|Final exit processing with result 1|<LVL::Info>
11/14/2014 20:34:29 refresh_upgrade|(CAPTURE) Mail notification cancelled - smtp server address for email not found! [/common/cisco/platformConfig.xml]|<LVL::Debug>

 And the upgrade finally fails :

11/14/2014 20:34:58|File:/usr/local/bin/base_scripts/, Function: main(), Upgrade Failed -- (1)|<LVL::Error>

Work Done :

++ This happened because the call manager could not locate the IDP files in the directory /usr/local/cm/idp
++ The files it was looking for were :

IDP files

++ When got access to the root and checked the directory /usr/local/cm/idp, we saw another idp folder under it and the required files were missing as well.
++ There were multiple subdirectories created


The required files were under this above mentioned directory and hence the Call Manager when trying to look for the files in /usr/local/cm/idp/ could not locate and hence failed to migrate to the new version of CUCM.
This lead to the upgrade failure


++ There is a bug related to this issue : CSCul90746
++ As this issue is not reproducible, there is no resolution advised by the BU on this.
++ There could not be any root cause analysis for the same as to why multiple idp directories are formed

Resolution Method 1 :

++ We can take the files in the sub-directories and upload it on the main directory /usr/local/cm/idp/ and delete the sub-directories by getting access to the root.

Resolution Method 2 :

++ Another simpler workaround would be to install the latest dial plan on the server from the Cisco Website and start the upgrade again.
++ After installing the latest dial plan, go to the root and verify if the desired files are populated in the directory /usr/local/cm/idp/
++ Start the upgrade again

++ Upgrades will take place successfully after this.

Cisco Employee

Hello Anatara,

Thanks for the detailed document, can you please mention the cucm versions, this way our partners can better match and relate to the issue.





Hello Aashish,


So far we've seen the issue occurring during a Refresh Upgrade.

We've seen this issue while moving from CUCM versions below 8.6 (7.1.5,8.5.1,etc) to 8.6 and above.

Also seen from version 9.1.2 to 10.0 (which is again a Refresh Upgrade)



Antara Sargam

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