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Using Cisco’s Developer Network to Innovate


Has anyone taken a look recently at our newly revamped Cisco Developer site?

It’s been greatly improved and is much more developer friendly, with code examples and even a free sandbox capability that makes it really easy to get started. If you have any software developers in your organization I suggest you get them to check it out. Embedding Cisco technology into web applications or creating your own Cisco based software solutions to support innovation and business productivity has never been easier.

As a result of Cisco’s increased focus on supporting our development community, I’ve seen a recent surge in activity from a number of EMEAR based Collaboration focussed ISVs, who have started to use our Jabber SDK to help their customers do things differently. A good example of this is the Jabborate proposition from a company called Bulpros. In simple terms these guys have provided integrated access to Cisco’s collaboration portfolio from a number of industry standard business applications such as IBM Connections, Microsoft SharePoint and most recently SAP.

From a high level perspective the Jabborate solution is a JavaScript client that can run in a common browser without the need for a dedicated local Windows for Jabber client. This provides customers with an option to simplify their desktop deployment model, while still retaining important communications features such as Presence, Instant Messaging and Audio/Video calling. For any customers that wish to deploy the traditional Jabber for Windows experience, Jabborate can be configured as middleware to integrate supported business applications with the standard client.

Sounds interesting? Have a look at the following simple video demonstration:

Video Link : 13296

You can find more details about the Bulpros solution on the Jabborate web site:

One of the things that most impressed me about the new Cisco Developer site is that there is a ton of learning labs available, so if you’re new to a particular technology you can access a tutorial and get some online education. This coupled with the previously mentioned Sandbox function should make it simpler to create your own applications. Some more good news is that our Developer Community is free to join and also offers free support.

If you want to further investigate driving innovation though software development on Cisco’s open platform, then why not take a moment to join Cisco’s Developer Community and benefit from a deeper look!

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