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Using TAPS with +E.164 directory numbers


The Tool for Auto-Registered Phone Support (TAPS) loads a preconfigured phone setting on a phone. The TAPS works in conjunction with the Bulk Administration Tool (BAT) to minimize installer effort during phone placement. After the BAT is used to bulk add phones with dummy MAC addresses to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you can plug the phones into the network.

The administrator or the phones’ user can then dial a TAPS directory number, enter their extension and that causes the phone to download its´ configuration. At the same time, the phone gets updated in the Unified CM database with the correct MAC address of the phone.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager started to support a leading “+” as part of routeable patterns and as such also directory numbers with release 7.0. Customers intending to use TAPS (Tool for Auto-Registered Phones) to provision phones with a “+” in the directory number hit a problem in that phones can not send “+” as DTMF which would be required as part of the TAPS call flow to instruct the TAPS application which phone configuration to apply to the calling phones.

This application note will describe how to modify the TAPS application to resolve that issue and deploy phones with +E.164 directory numbers using TAPS.


Good doc, but it doesn't work on CCX 8.5.  Page 5 - updating the SET command for getBATConfig errors out with:

Unable to parse expression; mismatched authorization code:  <code1> and <code2>

If I replace <code1> with <code2> I can get the SET step to save, but the application manager still goes out of service.  I've opened a case with TAC...guess I'll wait and see what they come back with.


Update:  This does, in fact, work on CCX 8.5.  We found out the application manager was failing because Java was not licensed on the server (we're running Standard).  We ended up getting a temp license for Premium to enable Java and it's working correctly now.

The step to set strBATDNE164 to strBATDN.replace("*", "\+") is Java based.  Maybe there's a way around if you're using Standard? 

Anyway, the standard TAPS file works correctly on CCX Standard.  Cisco should consider enabling E.164 within the default file so other customers who buy CCX for the sole purpose of TAPS, don't have to upgrade to Premium.


Any roadmap to include a modified script and documentation in the bundled taps.aef script?

How about the requirement for Premium/IVR ports?  Any possibility this can be done in future with Standard?


Not sure.  The first TAC engineer I got told me I needed Premium and sent me down the road to get a temp license.  Later during a meeting with my client and Cisco AS, it was mentioned that Enhanced would work as well.  That was the last I heard of it.

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Small update, this script change is not possible to do in Enhanced. But I found this post on Cisco communities,

It contains a script by Mr William E Welch with the changes needed to add support for DN in +E164 format. I have tested it with CUCM and CCX (Enh lic) and it works as a charm.


Here is the script location that William E Welch posted:

I have used it on 9.0 Premium  but I have not used it on Standard or Enhanced. It is just a couple lines added to the current TAPS script. Good Work William.

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I'm a Cisco Gold Partner, when I click on the above URL when logged into I get;

"Please login to access this site (top right of this screen).  If your  login is unsuccessful, your login does not have the authority  level to access this site."

Could you email this to me at jason.aarons at

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