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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Video - Troubleshooting Telepresence Profile Monitor

Amrinder Singh
Cisco Employee

This video explains the process of using Monitor Diagnostics tool.



Display (no power)

  • Check the power led status on the monitor. AC power supply button has a red led.


  • No power, Connect the monitor to a known good power socket
  • Swap the power cord


No Display (Power Good)


  • Connect the HDMI cable from the camera directly to the HDMI 1 on the LCD
  • Connect a known working monitor to the video output port on the codec
  • Xstatus video output



**Still no video** this isolates that the problem is with the LCD

   Use the monitor Diagnostic tool to further diagnose the issue

  • Connect a serial cable from the “Com1” port on the monitor to a laptop
  • Select your monitor model




  • Press “Connect” button
  • Current source, unit ID, signal status, firmware version will be reported










Default Setting

You need default setting on following condition.

  • Image color is not natural.
  • No image on screen and signal status is “No Signal”
  • Input source is not HDMI1 after firmware update

In order to restore default setting of monitor, press “Default Setting” button.

It will takes about 5 seconds to finish.

  • If there is no image even after default setting, then run Diagnostic mode.






Diagnostic Mode


In order to start the diagnostics, press the “Diagnostic mode” button.

  • Monitor will show auto color pattern.



1 Comment

we tried to download Monitor Diagnostics tool but its giving error (the compressed (Zipped) folder is empty) please share the link from where we can download the same. please do the needful.