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Voice mail integration problems occur when Cisco Unity and Octel voicemail is integrated with the use of the Cisco Unity Bridge, the voice connector does not work, and the "E00050005" error message appears


Core Issue

The outbound message hits voice connector but does not appear in the Bridge\Vpim\Xcode\Inbound\Tmp directory.

On an outbound call from the Bridge to an Octel, after the Bridge sends the BD handshake tones and receives the CDD handshake response, it sends a string of 18 dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) digits, that includes the serial number of the Octel with which the Bridge attempts to communicate. If no response is received from the Octel, it is possible that the serial number sent from the Bridge did not match the serial number of the Octel that answered the call. Verify that the serial number and phone number for the Octel Node profile are correct.

An error code of E00050005 typically means that serial numbers configured on the Bridge and Octel do not match.


In order to resolve this issue, check the Octel configuration and verify that the serial number for the Bridge is correct.

Refer to these documents for more information: