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Voice mail ports on Unity are not reachable because the Messaging Interface is configured and the voice mail DN and partition overlap with the Unity voice mail pilot


Core Issue

Problems are experienced while accessing voice mail ports in an IP telephony network with Cisco CallManager 3.3 and when Cisco Unity and the Cisco Messaging Interface are configured.

With hunt groups configured, when all the agents are busy, calls are rolled over to the Cisco Unity server. The Directory Number (DN) of the voice mail pilot point is 1020, which is the first port on the Cisco Unity server. When all the agents are busy, the hunt group works fine and calls are forwarded to the voice mail. However, when a user tries to retrieve the call from the voice mail on port 1 (DN 1020), the user gets a busy signal.

The problem is seen only on voice mail port 1. It works fine when the hunt group is configured to point to the second voice mail port directly. In that case, multiple users can access the voice mail system and roll over from the hunt group at the same time.


The problem occurs when the same DN (such as 1020) has been configured in the same partition for both the Cisco Messaging Interface and Cisco Unity. This is not a supported configuration. Cisco Unity never receives the call because Cisco CallManager cannot determine how to resolve the conflict between the two devices (the Cisco Unity voice mail ports and the Cisco Messaging Interface voice mail DN).

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Check if multiple users are able to check the voice mail at the same time.      
  2. If a configuration is in the Cisco Messaging Interface for the same voice mail DN and voice mail partition, remove this configuration.      
  3. Reset the Cisco Messaging Interface service.

For more information, refer to Cisco Unity and CallManager IP Integration: Unity Voicemail Port Not Reachable.

Cisco Unity System Administration Guide

Unity Version

Unity 2.x, Unity 4.x, Unity version earlier than 3.1(2), Unity version 3.1(2) or later

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