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Webex Contact Center Business Application Connectors FAQ


What are the new connectors for Webex Contact Center?

The new business application connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk are out-of-the-box connectors that improve customer interactions by embedding the Webex Contact Center experience within the business app for easy access to key customer information—all in one place. This provides agents with a single experience while interacting with customers, eliminating inefficient research and app switching, which can be time consuming and distracting. The connectors are easy to install and configure, and are free of charge, making it fast, simple, and cost-effective to integrate the agent’s experience with the most common CRM and ticketing apps our customers use everyday. In addition, contact center supervisors have unified reporting for business app and contact center interactions.

What business problems are we solving for our customers?

The contact center is one of the most interconnected applications in the enterprise, with dozens of integrations to multiple systems. A survey by the Aberdeen Group indicates that 60% of contact centers are using 7 or more systems to interact with customers. When these applications aren’t integrated with the contact center, it can create slow, disconnected, and frustrating experiences for agents – trickling down to customers.

  • Improving first contact resolution: When agents don’t have the right information at their fingertips, it takes them longer to find critical customer information, search for historical context, and get answers from experts outside the contact center. This results in not being able to solve the problem for the customer on the first contact.
  • Improving agent productivity and efficiency: According to a survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group, agents spend 17% of their time searching for relevant knowledge to do their job. Agents are inundated with information overload and repetitive mundane tasks, making them inefficient and slowing their ability to deliver timely and accurate information to their customers.
  • Effectively manage and enhance my customers experience: Engaging customers in today’s complex environment can create disconnected, frustrating, and outdated experiences. Looking for relevant customer information and switching between multiple applications while trying to help a customer is one of the biggest challenges agents face today.
  • Slow processes and workflows in the contact center: When the contact center isn’t Integrated with CRM and other business applications, customer records aren’t automatically displayed for the agent, creating cumbersome, repetitive and inefficient processes which slow down workflows and productivity.
  • Application integration complexity: Customers are striving to reduce the complexity associated with managing the contact center and all the other technology supported by their IT staff. Custom application integrations are time-consuming, very costly and highly IT resource intensive.

How do these connectors benefit our customers?

Agent productivity: Agents have contact center functionality embedded within the business app experience, so they can solve issues proactively. No need to flip between apps. Improves first contact resolution.

Supervisor productivity: Unified reporting for business app and contact center interactions makes it easy for supervisors to do their job. No costly API custom mash-up of data required.

IT productivity: Pre-built connectors are plug-n-play. Easy to configure and install. Eliminates the cost and complexity of custom integrations.

Customer experience:

  • Provide intuitive, personalized answers fast to keep your customers and prospects happy - resulting in improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Connectors come with your license for free. No need to deal with long timeframes, cost and complexity associated with custom integrations.
  • Transforms your customer interactions from transactional to proactive, personalized, and relational experiences.
  • Business advantage: Streamlines business processes and workflows, improves efficiencies, and allows your IT staff to focus on strategic projects rather than time-consuming complex integrations.

What is our unique differentiator?

The open platform and flexible cloud architecture of our Webex Contact Center solution enables our customers to fully leverage their technology investments, and seamlessly connect their contact center to any of the systems within their business.

• The connectors are plug-and-play, meaning that they are pre-built, super easy to set-up and install, which minimizes IT complexity and costs.
• Lastly, unlike our competition, the connectors are included with Webex Contact Center at no additional cost. Lot’s of added value without the financial burden.

Great, where do get started?

Find business app connectors getting started guides here.

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