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Webex Meetings Adoption Toolkit


Let's start a new conversation.

Check out this adoption toolkit for Cisco Webex Meetings. Start having workflow based conversations with IT, Sales, Marketing, HR, Executives, and People Managers.

This package includes links to collateral such as step-by-step discovery instructions, a communications plan template, email templates, banners, posters, use cases, flyers, and more.

Fully editable files are included too, so you can personalize and tweak the assets to best suit your needs.


Download now, to start a new conversation today. The link is at the bottom of this page.

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Cisco Employee

Finally - A resource we can put in our customer and partners' hands and provide them a blueprint on  how to transform their workflows and workplaces!


Totally agree.  We're already testing the content with customers and it's been really well received.

Cisco Employee

Is this Adoption Kits available to Partners? What is the link for them to use?

Cisco Employee

Hi there,   the link for Partners and customers is the same.  This is a publicly accessible document, so please share this page's link: Webex Meetings Adoption Toolkit

Cisco Employee

Hi. Anybody else having problems downloading the file? Download keeps failing, viewing loads 3/4 of the way but never opens

Cisco Employee

Hi Patrick, sorry you're having trouble. I just verified that the download is working properly, and should be accessible to anyone: customer, partner, or cisco. I will email you the file, to make sure you can have access. Thanks!

Hi, is there one download ( .zip ) with all images and banners ... or do we have to download them one by one? Thanks, Dirk
Cisco Employee

Team   - is anyone aware of a partner facing Webex ROI presentation deck or recording I can have?


All the links in the PDF are broken, because they are pointing to  which doesn't seem to exist. I assume it's supposed to be ""


Also do you by chance have any quick how-to flyers for using "@meet" as the location, along with the "One Button to Push" feature on Room Kits? I need something for the executive and the assistant.

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