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Webex Room Device subscription - overview


** updated on 15 July 2019 


What is Webex Room Device subscription?

Cisco Webex cloud offers, among other services, a Room Device subscription.

This allows you to get a Cisco Video endpoint (DX, SX, MX, Room kits, Webexboards) and register it on the Webex cloud via SIP protocol.

Nothing is required on premises - only internet connectivity.


Why should I choose cloud registration and not run Video endpoints in standalone mode?

In the very old days, it was common to run Video endpoints in H323 standalone mode (without callcontrol/registration), use public IP addresses, open ports on firewall and make calls with IP address dialling.

This has obvious caveats from various aspects:

- usability (SIP URI is much better way to dial than IP addresess - users do not need to know what is an IP address :-) ) 

- administration effort and troubleshouting (thousands of hours lost to troubleshout firewall issues - many times video call was a ''project'')

- security (cloud has security mechanisms and you don't need to open ports on firewall and deal with public IP addresses)

- flexibility (endpoints can be moved at any place without worry) 

- reportings/analytics(cloud offers this vs zero view you had in the past)

- features (new features like scheduling, pairing with clients, voice assistants and many more are offered via cloud registration)


What can I do with a Webex registered Video device?


a) SIP video calls (including calls to Webex Meetings) 

When you register to Webex cloud, your endpoint gets a SIP URI.

SIP URIs are like email format and in this case, they have this format:

''placename'' is chosen by customer and reflects the place of the endpoint - most of the times the name of the meeting room 

''companyA'' is also chosen by customer and reflects most of the times company name. 


So this means, you can make and receive SIP video calls with other SIP-based systems over internet.

These could be Cisco or non-Cisco video endpoints or MCUs.

Since Webex Meetings supports joining via SIP, you can, off course, join Cisco Webex Meetings meetings.

And there you could meet with H323/S4B/Lync and webex/browser participants.

Note that recenty Webex Meetings app was enhanced to be able to pair wireless with Video endpoints for sharing content wirelessly or use  Video endpoint to join Webex Meeting in an easy way. 


On top of above, note that Webex Teams client has a SIP URI so this means you can make/receive direct SIP calls between Webex-registered video endpoints and Webex Teams clients (free or paid). 




Important note:

Webex Room Device subscription is different than Webex Meetings subscription.

Webex Room Device subscription is a cloud SIP registration service for a video endpoint.

Webex Meetings subscription is a cloud MCU/conferencing service. 

So in most customers cases you need both subscriptions (one to register endpoints and one for Webex Meetings services).

But note that there might be cases that customers need only Room Device subscription since they might have another MCU service

and not Webex Meetings.  



b) Joining Video Meetings inside Webex Teams

You can use Webex-registered endpoints to pair with a Webex Teams client and join a Video Meeting inside Webex Teams space. Or you can join a Video meeting inside Webex Teams as guest via SIP  if host invites you. 



For partners - How to order ?

If you need Room Device subscription and Webex Meetings then you can use A-FLEX top level sku to order both subscriptions. 

If you need only Room Device subscription then you need to use A-FLEX-DEVICE top level sku. 


1) Customers that have Flex EA or FleX Active User or Education subscription have Room Device subscriptions included at no extra charge. No need to order anything. 

2)  A-SPK-SH was an old top level sku for Room Device subscription orders - this goes end of sale. 

3)  MSRP path that was there besides GPL path for ordering endpoints and Room device subscriptions - this goes end of sale also.


For more information, check other community posts on Webex Video devices and Webex Meetings:


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

Cisco Employee

Hi Mohamed,

the scenario I described is NOT on-premises endpoint calling spark room.

Now, if you want to have on-premises endpoints calling a Webex teams(spark) meeting then

note that  webex teams/spark meeting (paid accounts) have a SIP video address for guests.

So if you have a video endpoint on CUCM and you have expressway B2B

then you can make SIP calls outside your company.

And in this particular case, you will dial a SIP address of a Webex Teams space and join as guest.

So ExpresswayB2B is a must for an on-premises CUCM registered endpoint to call outside the company.

Then you need to see your Webex Teams meetings and see which is the video address for guests.




Hi Alkiviadis

The scenario that we need is:

Spark room kit will be registered on the cloud to make outside Video conferences and also registered on the Local BE6000 to be available for internal calls for internal Video conferences.


And what I understand from last reply, that if we need these local endpoints to join the cloud meeting, then we need the ExpresswayB2B.

Cisco Employee

Hi Mohamed,

as mentioned clearly earlier you can NOT have two registrations at same time.

You have to pick one registration(one call control) and then see what you can do with this.

IF your requirement is to be able to join a webex team meeting as SIP guest then this is what you need:

you get video endpoint and TP lic and register on CUCM.

You have Expessway B2B to make SIP calls towards external video destinations 

In that case your video endpoint could dial any outside SIP endpoint or MCU over Expressway

This is the normal way you get B2B calls for CUCM-registered endpoints

Then SIP video address of Webex Teams space is one such SIP destination

please coordinate with your local cisco account team for further work on this


Thank you Alkiviadis




My customer has purchased Spark Room Kit plus GPL part number, is there any way to get demo Spark Device subscription keys at least for one week?


Cisco Employee



as a partner, if you follow Saas Partner enrollement and CUWP cloud order

(more details here Leverage CUWP Cloud offer for Partners!

then you get access to Webex Control Hub and you can create trial for your customers (Webex Meetings hosts, Room registrations, etc.)


If you need something quicker then you need to contact your local cisco office to ask them to provide you a temp license for Room endpoint.





Thank you
Hi, I would like to know is the spark board can make calls to local video end points over ip dialing, i do not want to purchase Subscription i only have Spark Board (CS-BOARD55-K9) can it make call to SX20 over IP (SIP) without any registrar.
Cisco Employee


today WebexBoard requires SIP registration on Webex cloud- can not work standalone or with on-premises registration. Not sure if this will be possible in the future.

Now, if you provide SIP registration from Webex cloud (it is not that costly considering you have invested in a Webexboard), then you can make SIP calls via SIP URI for sure. Not sure if cloud-registered endpoints can call IP address- probably not but you will need to confirm with your local cisco collab team (or simply try this if you have access to one of cloud-registered endpoints).


hope this helps


Dear @azoupas ,


I have created a sample bom, am I correct? 

* 1 Concurrent  meeting

* room kit plus with subscription (to get Video via this endpoint instead of the webex client)




Cisco Employee



for customer quotations please contact your Cisco team. I am covering only specific areas so can not respond for other areas.


some notes:

if you go with GPL price for endpoint then you need the 29,50 /month registration subscription (can be found inside A-Flex as Room registration or under A-SPK-SHARED) - this is my preferred option most of the time

if you go with MSRP price for endpoint then you need more expensive subscription - and exact sku depends on the endpoint.


for Webex Meetings named host subscription (this is different than the video endpoint registration), you can also consult my community post on Flex named host 

Flex Plan Named User Meetings - best way to get Webex Meetings for individual users


hope this helps