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Webview Troubleshooting


Here's one page cheat sheet on troubleshooting Webview issues.

Webview Troubleshooting

----->  IE browser settings on client PC

                Delete Cookies and Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files section.

                Click Settings

                Select "Every visit to the page"

                Change the value in the Amount of disk space to use field to 1 MB.

                Go to Security Tab

                Click Trusted Sites

                Click Sites

                uncheck "Require Server Verification (https) for all sites in this zone"

                In the Trusted Sites dialog box, add your Webview server (http://<webview server> and https://<webview server>)

                If using local server to view reports, then use http://localhost and https://localhost

                Then, under Security Tab, click "Customer Level"

                Verify the following are enabled:

                                Download signed ActiveX controls

                                Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins

                                Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting                         

                Go to  Advanced Tab

                Verify the following are enabled:  Use SSL 2.0, Use SSL 3.0, Use TLS 1.0

----->  Verify Java version and JRE is installed correctly (part of 3rd Party Tools install)

                Start > Run > cmd

                java -version

                It should display correct Java version.  If any errors, this implies Java is not installed properly.

----->  Delete all temp folders for WebView server


                In the right pane, select all folders whose names begin with an underscore, and delete them.

----->  Search for ‘pagecompile’ in C:\ drive.

                Deleted everything under the ‘pagecompile’ directory.

----->  Try logging in to webview again.  It may take some time before the page shows up.  It is building the pages (since we deleted the 'pagecompile' directory contents).  After you attempt to login, a folder (caching folder) should get created in the 'pagecompile' directory.

----->  Verify 3rd Party tools are installed properly and working fine.

                ServletExec Admin

                Go to  Start --> Programs --> New Atlanta --> Servlet Exec --> ServletExec Admin

                User: admin and blank password. 

                Click Login. 

                You must be able to see Home Page of New Atlanta. 

                If ServletExec home page is not opening up, this means this tool is not installed properly. 

                This may be the case if Java is not properly installed, or ServletExec itself is not properly installed.

                EA Server Manager  (Jaguar)

                [On ICM 7.5.7], first, check Jaguar Service Account is listed there and it is showing a green (successful) status.

                                Start --> Programs --> Sybase --> Service Account Manager

                Then, you can verify the following:

                                Start --> Programs --> Sybase --> EA Server --> EA Server Manager  (Jaguar)

                Tools Menu --> Connect > Jaguar (EAServer) Manager.

                UserName : jagadmin,  Port Number : 9000,  Host Name : Machine name (not IP address) where EA Server is installed.  Click Connect. 

                If you are able to connect, it will just take you back to the Sybase Central window and you will see the folders listing in left pane. 

                That implies Sybase is installed properly and working fine.



If any of above two tests fail, customer has to go back to roll back to base version. 
Then, uninstall and re-install 3rd Party tools and Webview.

----->  Restart services. 

                Start > Run > servicies.msc  or  Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services

                Stop Jaguar, Stop Apache Tomcat, restart IIS, Start Jaguar, Start Apache Tomcat.

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